Best Type of Shower Curtain Liner in 2024

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May 06
Best Type of Shower Curtain Liner

Did you put the best type of Shower Curtain Liner as one of your New Year resolution for this year? Then you are a very lucky lady because in this article you will be informed about some of the best type of shower curtain liner and after going through till the end, you will able to make a good choice for yourself.

New liners are currently trending in the market since they are of new and quality designs that will give your bathroom the appearance it deserves. The following below are features that can use to help you find yourself the best type of shower curtain liner.

Best Type of Shower Curtain Liner

1. The dimensions of the liners should fit.

You know how frustrating it can be when you shower in a bathroom which has a shorter length curtain liner since you will be unable to prevent water from leaking. You can read this article for the best shower curtain liners available on the market.

Dimensions are very useful when it comes to fitting; when you are given a wrong dimension, it will definitely stress you out.

The good thing about most of these liners is that they are usually given dimensions that can be able to fit any type of shower especially if it is a standard one.

You need not worry yourself, thinking that you cannot find a liner that would best fit your bathroom requirements because liners come in a wide variety to accommodate any tub.

The dimensions of a standard shower curtain liner are always (70*70) inches, (72*72) inches and (70*72) inches.

With these dimensions, you are good to enjoy your shower in peace.

The Best Type of Shower Curtain Liner

2. The liner should be durable.

This is a feature that you cannot just ignore since you will need a liner that will be able to serve you for as long as you had targeted it.

Durability is essential when it comes to many products otherwise without it, many of the shopping malls would be full of items that are not durable.

The durability of a liner means the life span of the liner, while other liners are made of materials that are weak making them vulnerable to tearing off, you should go for liners which are made of materials that possess the strength to ensure a long stay.

Durability is not automatically accompanied by the high cost of the liner; no you can get durable liners at a moderate and affordable price.

3. It should be safe for your health.

Some liners are made up of materials that are harmful and dangerous to your health.

You need to maintain a healthy lifestyle at all costs; with good health you are able to avoid medical complications.

So, you need to shun from shower curtain liners that may affect your health by contaminating germs to your body. For instance, you can consider going for a liner that is environmentally friendly.

Liners which are good for the environment are also safe even when small children are involved; you are peaceful at your mind knowing that they are safe.

When you have put it in your shopping list, consider that safety comes first not the cheap price.

4. It should be waterproof.

You cannot separate yourself from water, you use water for many reasons, before and after eating, to increase metabolism, for cleaning and also bathing.

With all these uses water is part and parcel for our lives.

Liners which are waterproof are always at an advantage because of its resistance to water which enables the liner to have no watermarks and eventually prevents dampness.

With dampness of the liner comes a bad odor from them, making you uncomfortable every time you go for your shower.

Always check on the fabric used in making the liner, it should be the one that allows water to simply slide down without any hindrances

Remember, waterproof liners mean durable liners.

5. It should be resistant to mildew.

Germs such as bacteria and mildew are commonly associated with liners, but the good news is that not all liners are a host to these germs.

The best type of shower curtain liners is the one that keeps away mildew growth and sustains the life of the liner.

The liners should be made by a material which is chlorine free to fight off mildew at a very much bigger percentage.

A liner with this feature is very important for you since it would have saved you a lot of time and money that would otherwise be used in it.

Mildew is a common problem for many liners; avert this issue as early as you can.

6. The liner should be appealing to your eyes.

Why should you go for it if it is not appealing to your eyes?

Why should it be the best type of shower curtain liner, if it is not attractive?

Liners usually come in different colors, sizes and variety; you should go for the one that will complement your bathroom.

With an attractive overview of your bathroom, you get an urge to even improving it to more alluring ways.

If you decide to go for a dull color, you will soon realize how difficult it will be for you to get into the bathroom and the opposite is true.

Any liner which is attractive means that it comes to lighten up your bathroom with a unique look.

7. The type of material used in making the liner.

Liners are mostly made of vinyl, fabric and plastic. Liners from vinyl and plastic are somehow harmful to your health since they produce an odor from the chemicals that can affect your liver or nervous system.

Even though the fabric ones may wear off after a series of washing them, they are considered the best for their ability to resist water.

The type of material really matters a lot, when it comes to maintenance, it should be one that would be simple to install and clean.

The different types also come with different prices, consider the ones that fit in your budget while remembering that vinyl and plastic are usually more expensive.


The above features of shower curtains are well explained when it comes to your own selection, you should save them for future use, you will need them.  You can consider the above list of well-researched features to enable get yourself the best type of shower curtain liner. Also don't forget to check out our best shower curtain reviews.

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