How to Keep a Shower Curtain From Falling Down

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How to Keep a Shower Curtain From Falling Down

How to keep a shower curtain from falling down is a challenge for many homeowners. These window treatments are usually the focal point of the room, giving the room an overall classy and refined appearance. It’s unfortunate that these window treatments often become damaged due to wear and tear of daily use.

The reason why a curtain always falls down is due to its design. These days, the most common designs used are tie backs. These kinds of curtains have the chance to slide down while in use. To prevent this, there are simple yet effective ways on how to keep a shower curtain from falling down.

* Careless handling of the curtain is the number one cause of the curtain coming undone. Make sure that you never pull the curtain down on your own. It could cause the backing to pull off. If this happens, it’s best to cut the backing before you start cutting the curtain. However, if you still find it to be the problem, simply use scissors or other implement to cut it off.

* It’s best to check with interior design professionals on how to properly care for your curtain. Or, you can learn the craft yourself and execute more informed decor decisions if you find out how to become an interior designer. Find out what products will work best for you. Products such as a handy curtain rod can be used for minor wear and tear. But if you want to maintain your curtain for longer, you should buy a regular rod instead.

* Make sure that the curtain is always dried thoroughly after you use it. The more of these you have, the better your chances of preventing a curtain from falling down.

* If you’ve bought a product that claims to keep a curtain from falling down, test it first. Don’t just depend on your gut feelings; test the product first before using it on your curtain.

* Never use a wet towel to dry off the curtain when you’re washing up. This can cause damage to the backing of the curtain. Instead, use a dry towel to do so.

* When you’re trying to get a curtain to hang straight, you can try hanging it from a scrap piece of wood. Sometimes this works well. When it doesn’t, try using the attachment to get the right angle.

* A curtain made from lightweight material is a good choice. It can be stretched easily without losing its form. A stiffer material will require more effort to stretch.

* There are many ways to use mirrors on a shower curtain. They can give a soft glow to your shower and provide you with extra decoration to complement the curtain.

* A curtain with a built-in lamp is also good. Lamp shades are available in various colors and shapes. They can be purchased online or at hardware stores.

* To avoid a curtain from falling down, try to use the simplest way to keep your curtain from becoming damaged. Clean it at least twice a week to avoid damaging the backing. Also, try to buy a curtain that can be easily fixed up and is easy to clean.

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