4 Uses of a Spade Fork and How to Get Top-Quality Options

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4 Uses of a Spade Fork and How to Get Top-Quality Options
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The outbreak of the covid-19 virus has altered what we always considered normal. For instance, going to the pub, sports centers, fitness centers, visiting our friends, and so many other things was not a big deal. Well, we can all see how things are presently.

Even with the vaccines around and strategic plans in motion to get everyone vaccinated, we are slowly easing into what we considered abnormal a while ago. As a result of the lockdown and the boredom that came with it, many people considered doing some things to liven up the atmosphere.

Some of these things include an increased amount of time spent using social media platforms, visiting virtual cinema platforms, computer gaming, and biking. But there is something that saw increased participation than ever before – gardening.

You could see a lot of young people engage in this acclaimed “old generation’s” chore. For more on this subject, you can visit: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-gardens-idUSKBN2220D3

However, many of them did not find this easy. Some of the reasons for this include the fact that they were newbies and the lack of the proper gardening tools.

Speaking of the latter, you should know that this activity can be more daunting than is necessary (especially for newbies) without the right tools. Some of the necessary tools include your garden – trowel, knife, secateurs, fork hoe, digging spade, dibber, wheelbarrow, and spade fork.

All of these tools are necessary but some are more important than others. This is because of their versatility as they can perform multiple functions. The spading fork is a perfect example of such.

It is not enough that you have the necessary tools. You also need to make sure you get top quality so that the purpose for which it is purchased can be achieved. This is why we have decided to discuss how you can get a top-quality spade fork here.

But more importantly, the article will emphasize some of the uses of this garden tool. We strongly recommend that you follow through so that your gardening experience can be a smooth sail.

What Spading Forks Are Used for

This tool is one of the most versatile garden equipment as it can perform a lot of common and uncommon tasks. This is why getting good quality ones should be a priority for gardeners, farmers, and anyone that uses them. Some of the roles they play in the garden include:

Loosening the Soil

Many of us have had our fair share of hard soil as gardeners. Even soft soils are very likely to become harder if they have been unattended for a long while. So, you would need to loosen up the soil at some point in time.

Spading forks are very helpful when the need to do this arises. This is because of their structural design. You hold the handle, push down the tines, and this tool makes its way into the hard soil.

This will help prepare the land for planting, construction, or whatever it is you have to do on it. However, it is equally important that it is used properly. For more information about how this is done, you can watch this.

Aeration of the Soil

Have you ever asked yourself why we go through the trouble of loosening the soil before planting?

If you have ever thought about fixing the seeds to the earth without loosening, here is why it is a very bad idea. The answer is aeration.

When the soil is not properly aerated, the plant in its different growth stages will not have access to the required amount of oxygen. Also, the plant will not get the required amount of nutrients and moisture. So, it is very important.

Having established this, you should know that this garden tool helps make the soil as aerated as it needs to be. This is why you need to get the right one and use it appropriately.

Harvesting Underground Crop Yields

Tomatoes, apples, mangoes, and many crops are very visible when they become ripe. Well, some grow underground and need to be harvested by digging up the earth; potatoes are a perfect example.

Harvesting such crop yields with your hands inside your gloves can be very daunting. This is why you should consider using tools that help in this regard. Well, you should know that spading forks are one of the go-to options. They are even one of the best options.

Leveling the Ground

We did stress how much this garden tool is a very versatile one. Well, this is one of the uncommon areas where this comes to play. Ordinarily, there are more dedicated tools when a place needs to be leveled.

But in the absence of these tools, spading forks can help a great deal. This is one of the reasons you should not do without one around you. They come in very handy on several occasions.

How Do You Get the Right Spading Fork?

Listed and explained below are some things to look out for if you want a top-quality spading fork:

Solid Construction and Durability

This is the most important factor to consider for us. The reason is that this garden tool will be subjected to a lot of hard use. So, you need something that can withstand all the pressure that is coming.

Speaking of solid construction, you should make sure the right materials are used. For instance, if it is wood, it should be hardwood so that you can enjoy it for a long while.

Easy Usage

It is equally important that using the tool is not a difficult task. The combination of materials used and design should help achieve this. For instance, you will have yourself a lightweight but durable garden tool if this is the case.


The truth is that not all spading forks are constructed with versatility in mind. We strongly suggest that you go for something that will come in handy for various purposes. We consider this a quality of a good spading fork.


The spading fork is just one of the many necessary gardening tools. There are more and you need to know about them and how to get top-quality ones. For more on this subject, you can see: https://www.topline.ie/blog/project-ideas/top-10-must-have-gardening-tools

You need to understand the uses of a spading fork to make the most of it. This is why we have shed light, particularly on this subject. We have also discussed a bit on how you can get the right one. We advise that you make the best use of this information to have the best gardening experience.

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