Cutting Costs of Guest Bedroom Sets and Furniture

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Apr 04
Cutting Costs of Guest Bedroom Sets and Furniture

A guest bedroom can be the best use of extra space, but it can be easy to let the cost get away from you. There are a lot of design elements and furniture pieces that you might want to include in a guest room, and if you have a fairly large bedroom to work with the temptations can be even greater.


Bedroom sets and other furniture pieces can add up depending on what you buy. Here are some factors to consider to keep the costs of redoing your guest bedroom low.

Buy matched bedroom sets

You can often save money by purchasing pieces from a matched bedroom set. This does not necessarily mean that all pieces have the same pattern or color, but that they are a matched complimentary set. Often the more pieces you buy the higher the discount. Buying pre-determined sets is usually the way to go for a tight budget.

Shop sales and discounts

Whether you are purchasing your guest bedroom furniture from a local retailer or an online furniture store, you’re bound to find some sales and discounts. All furniture stores and outlets have sales on major national holidays such as Memorial Day weekend, Labor Day weekend, etc.

Look at the clearance bedroom sets

If you’re really trying to save money, take a look at the bedroom sets on clearance. They are usually some great bargains, and the only thing wrong with them is that the furniture is from the previous season.

Limit the number of pieces

It feels good to think about creating the perfect, most comfortable haven possible for your guests. But at the same time, getting extra pieces of furniture that aren’t likely to be used isn’t a wise use of your budget. Instead, buy only the pieces your guests will really need, which could include a bed, nightstands on either side, a dresser or chest of drawers, and a mirror. A chair is also a good idea, but you shouldn’t try to break the bank by getting one.

Settle for a more moderate quality

When you are buying bedroom furniture sets for the main bedrooms in your home, you want to get the highest quality you can afford. You expect that furniture to last quite some time with heavy daily use, which makes getting a sturdier furniture important.


But furnishing a guest bedroom is different. This bedroom furniture isn’t going to be used very often. You can easily get a moderate quality furniture, only slightly less durable than your own bedroom, and it will  still last for years due to the infrequency of use.

Buy all of your guest bedroom furniture from one online retailer

Purchasing all  of the pieces of your guest bedroom set from one furniture store is usually a good idea, because you’ll get breaks on shipping and perhaps faster delivery. Most local furniture stores aren’t going to have a large selection, as they work with particular brands. Online furniture stores have enough variety you can get everything in one place, and perhaps get a discount in the process. Discover here:

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