How A Solar Panel Could Change Your Life

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Jun 04
How A Solar Panel Could Change Your Life

Harnessing energy from the sun is one of man’s greatest discoveries, not only is it a sustainable resource that can essentially be used by everyone in one form or another but that it is free. It is changing the way people are living their lives and is increasing in popularity daily.

What we need to look at more in-depth though is how we can benefit from this type and source of energy and make it work in our every day, and learning what equipment or tools we may need to get the ball rolling.


Solar energy kit list.

While there is no exact set of rules or tools to install or equip your home with solar panels there are a few basics that are required and are easy to find.

First off you need to understand what and how this process works, are you essentially attracting the sun’s rays, do you need to pay constant attention to it to ensure it works properly, or is there more to it.

Basically, in more simple terms (a detailed description can be read here ) the panels that are installed onto your roof draw in the heat emanating from the sun, even from a million miles away. This is then stored in the panels and transported around the home to various elements such as the water heater tank or electric box, and should a blackout occur in the neighborhood or the water mains are cut off temporarily you won’t be left stranded.

Then, you ideally want a professional installation company that specializes in all things solar to come to the house to give you advice and hopefully a quote. Industry experts are a great way to gather your options, having a handful of estimates, you can weigh up the pros and cons of each firm, what services and accessories they have to offer, and make a calculated decision from there.

Reliability and reputation are vital in choosing the right company, be sure to look at their webpage, their gallery section showing the final results of projects including the before images, and you will get a good idea of the type of service you will be receiving.

Always use the best source you can find, whether by recommendation from a friend or family member or through hours of non-stop research and homework. It may seem like a long process, to begin with, but will save you a fortune in the long run not having to call another firm in to fix a mess done by a mediocre business.





Types of solar paneling.

With the world of technology and research continuously advancing the varieties of products, including solar panels, believe it or not, are becoming more and it can be tricky knowing which is best and most suited to your home and budget.

There are a few front runners when it comes to choice, essentially because they have been around for a longer time and have proven themselves successful, which you can see more about when you click here, but let’s look at the more common options.

  • This, due to its superb efficacy and efficiency, is hailed as the go-to option if you want the best, but understandably that comes with a price tag to match. Sure when you look at the final cost it could cause the color to drain from your face, but when you think about it a bit longer, this small investment will pay itself off in electric and heating bill savings before you know it. Made up of pure silicone allows it to last for years compared to others.
  • As you would have guessed, yes, this is a combination of various silicones melted together to make the panels and cells, and thus a cheaper option to rather one. This does, however, also take away a slice of efficiency and the savings you reap may take longer to achieve.
  • This model has an added layer on the underside of the cells causing the backing sheet to not overheat, and increase the absorption rate of solar energy, this, in turn, makes it a highly efficient option.
  • Thin-film. The name says it all. It is a thinner, more flexible product, and because it doesn’t require a backing sheet like other models it is customizable to the shape and size tailored to your home. Because it is lighter the installation process is that much easier, but it doesn’t have as high of an efficiency rating.

At the end of the day, you will be glad to know that there are options available on the market and this way you won’t feel pressured into a specific type whether by brand, style, or most importantly, cost.


Saving you money.

Hearing the initial upfront amount needed for installation can send someone running for the hills, but once you sit down and calculate your monthly average electric and heating bill, multiply that by 12 for the year, and then over the next 10 years the amount you can expect to pay is extortionate.

The significant reduction in costs will be noticeable within a mere few months and if you found a good company with reasonably average prices you will be profiting sooner than you think. Satisfied customers rave about the differences, even more so in countries where the weather is extreme as intense heat only serves to generate and store more for those winter days and nights. The only negative comment they say is that they wished they had looked into and installed it sooner.


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