How to fix a leaky shower drain

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May 05
How to fix a leaky shower drain

A leak from the shower drain could be bad news. Usually, a broken strainer or gasket can cause this kind of issue. Cracks on the pipes inside the walls can also be a pain in the neck. It can cause massive damage to the walls and ceiling in the room below. Fortunately, this problem can be solved with minimum additional damages if you knew how to. Keep in mind the leaks beneath the shower frame or the floor or inside the walls. Leaks on the ground floor showers, however, are harder to detect. You would not even know about it until you see mold growing on the walls. Fixing something like this is a handful. But we can guide you through it.

Locating where the leak is actually from

You can find out where the leak is. It is possible that the leak is caused by a broken seal and the shower drain is fine. To get to the bottom of this, use a funnel. Then pour water directly into the drain. You should be able to find out the source of the leakage through these tests. If you still can’t figure out or specify the cause of the leak, then it might be a damaged shower drain.

Cutting the wall to access the pipe

You can usually find the pipes connected to the shower on the rooms below or beneath the floor of the bathroom. Identify the pipes. Before cutting the walls, make sure you protect the floors from the potential leakage. Use a drywall saw of some sort and cut a panel to get access. Make the cut piece of the wall do not get damaged. Replace the plastic pipe with a new one. If your home uses metal pipe circuitry then you should try welding the pipes. Repairing the pipes by welding the cracks is much easier.

Removing the part that caused the issue

Identify the source of the leakage in the pipe circuitry. You can find it out by noticing the drips and discoloration in some of the areas. Use a screwdriver to remove the strainer and pliers to remove the strainer body. You can pry off the gasket or drain the body without much of a haste.

Repairing the drain

You should be able to weld the metal pipes and drain. Welding is a quick and easy solution, but it could be dangerous for amateur hands. If you have a drain repair kit, look for instructions on how to proceed. Repair the broken parts so that all of the pieces can hold together. Use a blend of new and old components to reassemble the drain.

Prevent Water Damage 

A burst pipe can seriously damage your floors, walls, and belongings. When leaving for a vacation, remember to turn off the main water valve to your home. Even if there isn’t an active pipe leak, this is the best prevention from water damage. Should this kind of damage happen, immediately call a water damage restoration company as they have dealt with every kind of water damage scenario. If you live in an area where water damages are frequent due to dramatic weather changes, there are few signs to notice in order to prevent this unpleasant experience. 

Trapped water - accumulated water
Squishy floors
Sewage smell
Utility bill spike
Discoloration in floors, walls, or ceiling
Sounds of rushing water even if there aren’t any outlets turned on
Mildew presence

If you notice any of the above, take action. No two situations are alike, so be proactive and call for assistance.

Test Run

Let open a small stream of water through the shower drain. Go back to the place of the initial leakage and look for any sort of dripping. Once you make sure that there are no leaks, patch up the wall. Take the cut piece of the wall and use cement or drywall mud and a mud knife.  You can consider fixing up the walls and ceiling to deal with the watermark issue. And there you go, you just fixed a leaky shower drain.

If you are unable to follow our guide, then do not hesitate to call in a professional. They can certainly get the job done, and another thing to keep in mind is to use quality grade pipes and drains so that you don’t face similar issues in the future.

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