How To Maintain Your Roof Top Tent in Top Condition

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How To Maintain Your Roof Top Tent in Top Condition
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Going camping is one of the most exciting experiences for devoted adventurers. Do you enjoy exploring the world, driving your car, and spending nights in the James Baroud rooftop tent? Irrespective of the item you choose, you should take maximum care of it, keeping it clean and dry to avoid mold and mildew that will affect its lifespan.

Undeniably, you will not have an opportunity to clean it every day during the trip, but you will surely have enough time to check its condition on return. Keep in mind that packing a wet rooftop tent, you can unpack it once just to throw it away. Mold and mildew are only a few problems that may appear as a result of the inappropriate storage of the item.

Comparing a rooftop tent with a traditional ground option, one should admit that taking care of the first option is much easier. You will not have to clean it regularly unless it does not get wet. Nonetheless, you will still need to take out the mattress pad and everything else you keep inside, just to clean the mattress cover, the base, and the fabrics. Why should you do it? In fact, it is one of the simplest and the most beneficial ways to keep the item safe and effective longer.

Quick Tips on Rooftop Tent Maintenance

Browsing the Internet or talking to experienced travelers, you will get an unlimited number of recommendations and guidelines on how to maintain your item. At once, they may seem overwhelming, but the result is surely worth the effort. There is no need to fulfill all the tasks and processes you will find, but it is critical to select the ones you consider to be the most effective and follow them after each tour. Here are some of the simplest and fastest recommendations that will help you achieve the desired effects.

  • Keep the bedding clean and tidy before, during, and after the trip.
  • Dry sheets inside the sleeping bag so that you do not feel the unpleasant scent.
  • Do not leave dirt and debris after the adventures.
  • Clean the inside and outside accessories and little parts of the rooftop tent.
  • Check the condition of all the tent elements, paying ultimate attention to mattress covers, netting, and zippers.
  • Mattress cover should be regularly washed.
  • Do not store shoes inside the tent, as you can feel the unpleasant smell during the tour and after it.
  • Vacuum out the tent before each use.

These tips will not help you keep the tent dry but will advance its overall look and efficiency to an ultimately new level.

Detailed Guide on How to Keep the Rooftop Tent Effective Longer

Rooftop tents are ultimately popular among adventure seekers and devoted travelers who love exploring the world around them. At this point, it is indispensable to mention that striving to get a high-quality item, you should be ready to spend a considerable sum of money. Therefore, the tourist should be interested in the proper use and maintenance of the option to prolong its lifespan and take maximum advantage of its efficiency. Are you ready to make an effort for the achievement of the desired results? Follow the step-by-step guide that will draw you closer to the necessary effect.

  • Air. This is probably the simplest but one of the most effective ways to keep the RTT free of unpleasant smells and bothersome scents. Additionally, it will help to get rid of the accumulated dust and keep the air fresh inside.
  • Clean. The frequency of this process depends mainly on the size of the rooftop tent you use and how often you utilize it. You should deep clean the item at least once every season. Start with the bedding and proceed to all the little elements.
  • Water. Take care of the fabrics, as it is one of the most significant parts of the RTT. You can simply water it or use the soap to eliminate any marks or dirt that has been accumulated on the item.
  • Tidy. When the outer part of the RTT is clean, you should proceed to its inside area. Take a towel to get rid of food and dirt remnants, and other little particles collected in the bottom of the tent.
  • Dry. Once you have cleaned all the elements of your rooftop tent, it is indispensable to dry it carefully. No matter if you want to place it in the sun and give it some time to dry naturally, or you take advantage of specific driers, you should obligatorily accomplish this stage.

An important note: the main task of the RTT user is to keep the item clean and tidy, free of debris and dirt. The specifications on the maintenance will depend on the type of rooftop tent you have, its fabrics, and other elements. Anyway, it is critical to clean the item at least once every season for its long-lasting, efficient and comfortable use.

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