How To Measure Your Windows for Custom Fitted Blinds or Shutters

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Apr 04
How To Measure Your Windows for Custom Fitted Blinds or Shutters

Blinds and Shutters For The Win

Blinds and shutters are critical to securing how safe you feel in your home. There are many people in this world who are exhibitionists, and they need to be able to walk around in the nude as comfortably as possible! You have to be able to consider comfort inside your own home, and that means being able to walk around and feel secure that you can open the window and close the window as you please, while maintaining your safety and security in the process. This is why taking measurements is a very specific process that must result in you getting everything exactly right!

How To Measure Your Windows for Custom Fitted Blinds or Shutters

Custom shutters are super important to making sure your house feels exactly the way you want it to, and so people are often going to invest in blinds that are specifically made for the windows they possess. There are no standard sizes to many windows out there, and you should be able to find the right blinds for a beautiful window that suits you specifically. Speaking to someone about the right window possibilities can open up a gorgeous list of options for you when thinking about whether you want certain types of shutters. You ought to feel beautiful every single moment of your life, and that includes when you are safe in your home away from the prying eyes of folks outside your home.

Drapes are not always the right answer for you. For example, this author’s mother is fond of making drapes all the time, especially for people who think they want to spend money on blinds when they are looking to fit their windows properly. Now, it is key that we find the specific designs we are looking for that fit our design aesthetic. This author has to tell her mother to calm down regularly when blinds and drapes are being discussed, because my mother will grab a sewing machine and make drapes for the entire community if she gets the opportunity to

The Right Materials For Your Home

These days, blinds and drapes are made of many more amazing materials than our parents and grandparents had access to many decades ago. It is innovative these days! The process of selecting materials for your blinds and drapes can be done specifically to ensure that you get the exact type of window dressing you seek. Shutters are easier to clean than blinds, but with blinds you can more carefully and specifically control the exact amount of light that enters each room and how often you are encountering said light. There are websites like that offer you over a dozen possibilities for types of blinds and over 100 different fabrics that you can choose from as well.

When it comes to organizing the windows of your life so that you enjoy looking out of them and into them, part of the appeal is ensuring that they bring you the right vibe. In many cultures, the amount of light that can be let into the home vis a vis the blinds and shutters is a critical component to your spiritual connection with the atmosphere outside. Additionally let us think of the way that light impacts your mental health. There is a reason that people are very depressed in the wintertime when there is less natural light coming from the sun, because light is critically important to our mental health’s fitness.

People in Alaska, the state with the least amount of natural light, experience depression and commit suicide at the highest rates in American society. Therefore, when we think about places where blinds and shutters are to be used, we have to remember that each place we are located has its own specific relationship with the light. This relationship with the light is going to determine exactly how many blinds you need and how big the grooves on your shutters should be. Cleanliness is very important when we are thinking about how we want to focus on our window dressing, especially if you live in a high traffic area that requires constant cleaning.

The Aesthetic For Your Space

Do you want to be focused on cleaning or light? This is your choice, and the decision you make will result in different types of window dressing that suit you specifically. What do you actually need from your window experience? Do you want to look at them and feel peace and happiness because they are easy to keep clean, or are you more focused on interfacing with the sun-kissed universe just outside of them? Or are you liking this reader’s grandmother, who is so invested in constantly remaining fully nude inside her own home that she invests in the most high-end blinds that are available on the market? All of these decisions have to be highly personal in this way, because you cannot accept just any window experience that does not result in your own happiness and most importantly, comfort.

Are you comfortable in your own home? You ought to be, and you cannot have a moment without that comfort to know that you have invested in living in the right place. You have to prioritize your comfort and safety over any aesthetic concerns that you may have suddenly now that you are concerned about the way things look! No matter what you want to do inside of your own home, you should be able to dance around and have a lovely time to yourself. If that is the case, then you should probably not focus exclusively on what items are the cheapest, instead, you should think about what items are the best at keeping you private inside your own home.

You can spend your money how you want to, but the most important thing is that the items you choose for your windows fit perfectly. If you want to learn more about window shutters you can find information online. It is very important that everything fits exactly and just right, so that you can never worry about the experience of feeling overexposed or unsafe in a space where you pay rent or a mortgage. This is why regardless of the experience you have; you must make sure that your windows are measured to perfection so that everything fits just right, and you feel like your aesthetic has been met.

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