How to Tell If Now is a Good Time to Sell Your Home

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Apr 04
How to Tell If Now is a Good Time to Sell Your Home

Many are looking at the market and trying to decide whether now’s the time to sell their homes or not. Unfortunately, although it would be nice if there were a clear indicator, or the market would stay still for more than a couple of weeks: there’s no foolproof way to predict it.

These are the top things to consider to ensure it’s the right time to sell your home!

What Type of Market Are You In?

The market that you’re in can make a huge difference on whether it’s time to sell or not. For example, if you’re in a sellers’ market and far more buyers than houses available, now is a good time to list. This is because a sellers’ market increases your chances of having a bidding war and gives you a chance at a lot more money.

In a buyers’ market, the opposite is true, and that can be a problem.

The difference between the two markets can be tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. So although you may be desperate to sell and move on towards the next part of your life, if you can wait because the market isn’t right: do it.

Aiming for a sellers’ market is the best way to ensure that you have the most money possible for your next step in life.

How Quickly Can You Get The Home Ready?

If you’re still considering the question “what is my home worth” and haven’t even started packing or getting the home ready: you have some work to do before you can list the house.  There’s nothing quite as stressful as trying to pack a house while it’s also being shown.  A better idea is to go ahead and pack, find other housing first, and stage the home before you sell it.

A staged home sells faster and for more money and allows you to already be in a new location before buyers come looking through the property.  This will give you peace of mind and hopefully help you sell faster and for more.

Are You Ready To Move and Change Homes?

Are you ready to change your life like this?  If the school year is starting and your kids just started class, or you’re in the middle of a really busy time at work: this might not be the right moment for you personally.  It takes a lot of time to pack your home, get it staged, and list it.  Not to mention the time that goes into moving, dealing with offers, and acclimating to the new place.

If you’re in a chaotic moment in your life, you can wait a few months until you reach a better point to deal with this intensive project.

Is It Early May?

If it’s early May or late April: it may be time to hit the market.  Homes that list in the first two weeks of May sell almost twenty days faster than any other time of the year.

Although there are times when you may need to sell quickly, and you don’t want to wait for this time of year, this is a great time to ensure that you get more money, have more competitive buyers, and sell faster.

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