IKEA Shower Curtain Rod

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how to install ikea shower curtain rod

IKEA Shower Curtain Rod

The IKEA shower curtain rod is a versatile, easy to use piece of hardware that fits almost any size and shape of the shower. But with so many options out there, how do you know which ones are the best? How to install IKEA shower curtain rod is a question that frequently comes up.

Material. The rod is made from either plastic or acrylic, which is obviously the cheapest. However, plastic requires the most maintenance, and the rod is susceptible to rust and moisture.

Design. Because the rod comes in an endless variety of styles, it is probably the most versatile.

Expensive. It is a more costly option than the curtain itself, though not much more expensive than a regular curtain rod. It is also a one-time purchase, so you won’t have to pay the same money over again.

Difficult to install. Usually, it requires a plumbing or electrical hookup, but you may have to run an extension cord to it. You can add the curtains yourself if you have the skills or the experience, but you will be replacing the rod.

Installation can be difficult. If you aren’t experienced in installing things like this, you may be trying to put it in the wrong way, or you may not know how to mount it properly. This makes it hard to figure out what you need to do to get it to fit right and can make your job very time consuming.

There are a few simple methods for getting this rod to fit correctly. The first and most basic method is simply to unscrew the bolts and remove the rods. These rods are usually secured with nuts and washers.

You can pull the rod out by hand, but if you aren’t strong enough you may break it. It’s much easier to use a pair of pliers to do this. Then, you just have to tighten the nuts so that the rod can go back in.

Next, you can remove the rod and attach it on its own. The IKEA shower curtain rod comes with a bunch of screws, and they can be pushed through the rod to screw it into the bracket. You can then attach it to the bracket by screwing the other side of the screw through the bracket and the rod, then screwing it into place.

Another option is to buy a special package to put this rod into that includes brackets and screws. There is nothing to install except for the rod, which is held into place by screws. Then, you simply screw it into the bracket.

Finally, you can buy a curtain rod that has this type of bracket already installed. This is ideal if you are handy and want to save some money. It will work the same way as the other methods, but it is a little more complicated to install because you need to add the rods to the bracket on its own.

If you need to install this item yourself, the instructions are available online. You’ll find videos showing how to install the rod and guides on how to install the brackets, if necessary. You may be able to save money by doing it yourself, too.

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