The Common Water Damage Clean Up Mistakes To Avoid

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Jun 04
The Common Water Damage Cleanup Mistakes To Avoid

Out of fear or ignorance there are many water damage cleanup mistakes that people commit. These mistakes lead to loss of more money and time.

Given below are some common water cleanup mistakes everyone should avoid.

Postponing The Cleanup

Delaying or postponing the water cleanup is more dangerous than you think. Water can get into the smallest nooks and corners very fast and cause permanent damage if not dealt with immediately.

Areas with excessive moisture are breeding grounds for bacteria and can also contribute to the growth of mould which can lead to property damage. Furthermore, the longer you delay the cleanup the more expensive it will be to restore the damage. It can also be too late to restore some items.

Ignoring Minor Damage

Many people underestimate the damage that can be caused by water if it isn’t controlled. Ignoring early signs of water damage like wet stains on your ceilings, growth of mould, terrible odours and unexplainable leaks can transform a minor damage into a severe one.

These signs can be due to defects in your plumbing system or burst pipes. They can also be due to sewage backups and blockages. Sewer problems can pose serious health risks if they are not dealt with immediately. You should call the professionals immediately in case of sewage leaks.

Attempting To Engage In Risky Cleanups

If there has been a severe case of water damage due to flooding or sewage leaks it is always best to leave the cleanup to the professionals. Inexperienced people are not skilled enough to take care of severe water damage. They don’t have the right equipment to remove the excess water in a safe, hygienic and effective manner.

People also neglect wearing protective gear like gloves and masks while dealing with contaminated water. Get away from the contaminated site and call a professional water restoration company as soon as you can.

Not Controlling The Water Source

In some cases, the water damage can be mitigated by controlling the source of water. Check all the sources of water in your home to see where the water is coming from.

In case of broken or burst pipes you can shut off the main water supply in your building or property to prevent further damage.

Not Trying To Salvage Items

In some situations, people tend to panic and neglect retrieving their valuables and other important items. Some people think these items aren’t restorable and consider them lost. This is not true for the majority of cases. If you act fast you can salvage most of your items and even restore them to their old condition. You can do this by following a few basic steps.

Make sure you start drying the area as soon as possible by turning on the fan, air conditioners and blowers. Wipe excess water from items like furniture and wooden valuables since they are susceptible to fast damage from moisture. Hang out all the items to dry in the sun as soon as possible. Use paper towels and napkins to absorb excess water and never leave items to remain soaking in water.

 Forgetting To Document The Damage

This is a mistake which could end up costing you a lot. Many people tend to think that their insurance company will cover all their losses. While they are supposed to do this, your insurance company will also try to withhold as much money as they can from you.

In order to secure the best possible return, you need to provide clear evidence of the damage and property losses. Make sure you document the affected site and get clear pictures of everything. You should also ask the water restoration company to document any hidden damages.


Do not neglect seeking the help of a professional water restoration company in case you experience water damage. They will do their best to save your property and restore what they can with the right tools and procedures.

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