8 Maintenance Tips to Increase Your Washer & Dryer’s Lifespan

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8 Maintenance Tips to Increase Your Washer Dryers Lifespan
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To wash your clothes thoroughly, you need to have proper laundry equipment, namely a washing machine and dryer. Washers and dryers make cleaning clothes an easy task, but you cannot expect them to keep working without proper care.

Washers and dryers are electronic devices. In order for them to perform properly, you need to check them regularly and have proper maintenance. Otherwise, they will, over time, get damaged beyond repair.

In order to make sure that your commercial dryers and washers keep running for a long time, follow the tips below:

1. Clean All Debris From the Dryer

Regular use of washers and dryers results in dirt and debris accumulating in the machines. If you are cleaning or drying items like carpets or mats, then the amount of dirt and debris is much higher.

If such debris accumulates, it can cause a lot of problems. Dryers have an exhaust that releases hot air while operating. If debris blocks the exhaust, then the entire machine will overheat.

This can happen with commercial dryers like Speed Queens. If you do not notice and clean all the debris then you may need to change the damaged speed queen dryer parts.

2. Clear Out the Drum of the Washer

The washer will also accumulate dirt and debris. Since all the activity in a washer occurs inside the drum, you need to clean the drum regularly.

If left unchecked, mold will begin to grow inside the washer. Mold damages fabrics and will leave a powerful smell on your clothes.

Aside from mold, a dirty washer drum means clothes will not be properly cleaned after a full cycle.

3. Regularly Check the Hoses

Commercial washers receive water through hoses; these water lines are sometimes prone to leaks and damage as they are exposed to high water pressure.

This is why you need to have them checked from time to time. If there is a leak in the water hose, then your washing machine will not have enough water. The machine will compensate by drawing more water, consequently increasing your water bills.

Water hoses can also get clogged. When this happens, the water pressure inside the hose increases, and this may cause them to burst open. Check them to prevent this from happening.

4. Follow the Manual of the Machine

Each model and brand of washer and dryer will have its own features and functions. Make sure to read the user manual that comes with your machines; improper use can result in damage to your clothes and the machine itself.

The manual will contain clear descriptions of each function and how you can operate the machine properly. Go through the manual and use the machine accordingly to make them last longer.

5. Clean the Doors of the Washer

The doors must be clean at all times. The doors must be able to close tightly in order to ensure proper operation. If they are not clean, dirt particles will accumulate in the machine.

These dirt particles can get stuck between the drum and the door, preventing the door from shutting completely. This may result in water and other liquids from inside the drum leaking outside.

This is why you need to clean the doors twice or thrice each week. This way, the doors will remain clean and the floor will not become a mess with soap water leaking from the washer.

6. Keep the Doors Open when the Washer is Not in Use

A good thing to do is to keep the doors of the washers open when they are not in use. Some might think that you need to keep the doors shut so that dust cannot enter the washing machine, but that is not true. If you keep the door open, there will be proper air circulation. This air circulation will help keep the washer dry.

If it remains wet, then the inside of the washer can have a pretty bad odor that can latch onto your clothes. Keep the doors open when you are not using your washers.

7. Keep the Surrounding Area Clean

Now, for those who were worried about keeping the door of the washer open, you can just clean the surrounding area of the washer. This way, there will be a very low chance of dirt or dust entering the machine.

Since they are electronic devices, it is even more important that you keep the nearby areas dirt-free. Dirt can enter through small openings in these electronic devices and cause them to malfunction.

8. Have Regular Maintenance

It is not uncommon to see that your washer or your dryer is not behaving properly. They might have a slow response to user input, or not work properly in general. This is why you need to have a regular checkup of your machines.

A regular checkup will let you know what problems your machines have and how you can solve them. But for a maintenance checkup, you might want to consider calling in a professional.

Final Thoughts

Washers and dryers are essential tools in our day-to-day life. But we also need to check them regularly to see if there are any problems and if they need any repairs. If you want your washers and dryers to last long, then following the tips mentioned above will be sufficient.

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