Types of Pool Decking and How to Maintain

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Jun 04
Types of Pool Decking and How to Maintain

A pool deck is an area around your swimming pool, commonly referred to as the pool patio. It is where you can place your lounge chairs, tables & furniture and unwind on a Sunday afternoon.

The decking adds style and functionality to your entire swimming pool. When designing the decking of the pool, the material you choose matters a lot.

Whatever you opt for, the pool should be graceful, well-constructed, & non-slippery. In a nutshell, the pool deck must be a perfect place for complete family fun.

Here are the popular types of pool decking:

Brushed Concrete

The most popular choice for pool decking is concrete with a brushed surface finish. It is what you commonly see on sidewalks and driveways, requiring less maintenance.

Hand Seeded P-Gravel

If you want a bit more than the brushed concrete without burning a hole in your pocket then hand seeded P-gravel is a prefered choice. It is made out of poured concrete with scattered pebbles across the surface.

Deck Coating

The deck coating is available in a selection of color options. It is way more stylish than concrete. Decking coating is easy to maintain, and most importantly, it is slip-resistant.

Lime Coat

It is a revolutionary product that is made out of limestone & quartz in the mix. It is fabulous for concrete, brick, dry-wall, and other surfaces. The lime coat is smoother and appears like a stone.

Patterned Concrete

Also popularly known as the stamped concrete, it resembles a type of stone, tile, or wood. The patterned concrete isn’t limited to pool decking, it can also be considered for sidewalks, interior flooring, & driveways.

Travertine Pavers

Travertine Pavers, in recent years, have gained immense popularity, as they are resistant to heat, and don’t feel burning hot during hot and humid summers. It absorbs water, therefore slip-resistant.

Flagstone Decking

If you want earth-toned texture & color, then go with the flagstone decking. In addition, it provides resistance to heat & moisture, a non-slip surface, and offers greater durability.

Tile Decking

It is an elegant, eco-friendly & resistant material. There are a variety of options for tile decking in terms of patterns & colors.

How to Maintain Swimming Pool Decking?

You can rope a professional cleaner to pressure wash your pool decking to get rid of the stubborn stain. The pool decking must be inspected for cracks due to exposure to the sun and outside weather changes.

Regular repairing and maintenance will ensure that your decking will stay in shape for long. The pool is susceptible to hard strains, often pressure may not be able to get rid of it. Therefore, a cleaning agent is needed to scrub away the strains from the pool.

Carefully scrub the width of the pool. You must focus on one section at a time for better results. Once the scrubbing is complete, make sure you rinse off the deck using a hose. The professionals have

In the End

There is so much to beautify your pool besides installing a swimming pool decking, such as a pool enclosure and solar pool cover  that creates a safe environment for you and your family to swim in.

They help to maintain optimum pool water inside, even if it is freezing outside. Also, they prevent your kid or pet from accidentally falling into the pool when you are not around.

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