How To Organize a Spa Day for Your Dog

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Jul 04
How To Organize a Spa Day for Your Dog

What can the pet owner do to show love and care? How is it possible to achieve the desired results easily? According to the reviews of experienced pet owners, GNC multivitamins for dogs may help you keep your furry child healthy and full of energy. Build strong relations by spending time together, exercising, and going all the way through grooming, drying, and brushing together. Additionally, it is inevitable to remember that relaxing and pleasant spa days can also be bonding. At the same time, one should mind important safety directions and follow instructions to take the maximum from experience.

10 Easy Steps to A Flawless Spa for Your Pet

Whether your dog looks scruffy, or you just want to entertain, a pet spa may become an excellent option. However, it is indispensable to mention that not all animals are fond of interaction with water, nail clipping, brushing, and similar experiences. Therefore, it is your responsibility to show the maximum creativity to keep the pet excited and related. There is, probably, no need to address the professional groomers, as you can organize everything within the comfort of your own home.

Do a Little Workout

When do you want to relax the most? Right, after a challenging task or workout completion. Dogs feel the same way, so it is indispensable to start with some tricks and games that will not only make the pet tired but will also burn some energy. Consequently, you will obtain a unique chance to bathe your fluffy child, brush it, chip nails and do everything else it needs.

At this point, it is essential to remember that every pet is unique, so what is normal for one animal is unacceptable for another. Adjust the activity level to the specifications of your pet’s health and make sure the workout is active but not overwhelming.

Create the Atmosphere

Finally, you are home after an impressive walk, and it is the right time to set the scene and get ready for further spa treatment. Make sure you do not overuse scents, as animals are super sensitive to smells. Nonetheless, you can still light some candles, take the favorite pet’s bed and make sure the atmosphere is 100% favorable and impressive for both you and your furry friend.

Play the Music

It may sound crazy, but some pets adore music, as it helps them relax and relish everything that happens around them. Does your dog feel happy when some special music starts playing? Does it get calm and peaceful the moment it hears different tracks? It is inevitable to know the preferences of your pet if you strive to make the spa treatment enjoyable.

Prepare a Warm Bath

This is the time when the real spa begins. Get ready with everything you may need before you start running the water. Take a dog shampoo, conditioner, brush, towel, lotion, and some other items you usually use for your pet. What is even more important, you need to care for some treats that will keep your fluffy friend focused and busy.

Make sure the bath is warm and pleasant for the animal. Use a soothing and relaxing conditioner that will soften the pet’s skin and will keep it clean. At the same time, do not make the bath time long if your fluffy friend has never enjoyed it.

Clean and Brush

Brushing is a special process that requires maximum attention and care. It will help you get rid of the loose fur, dirt and other things stuck in the pet’s hair. Take out all the tangles and knots, making your dog look stylish and impressive. Additionally, it is indispensable to care for high-quality brushes that will not affect the sensitive skin of your pet. Do not use cheap and ineffective materials at any stage of dog care. Instead, focus on the affordable but soft and beneficial ones.

Proceed with the Gentle and Relaxing Massage

There is hardly any dog that does not love being taken care of. A nice massage is the best thing you can offer after a long and stressful day. Make sure you set the favorable atmosphere and use soothing oil that will contribute to the experience. Start with the head and move down up to the legs to keep your pet relaxed and relish the experience.

Clip Nails

This is not the last, but one of the most demanding and challenging processes, as there is hardly any pet who enjoys nail clipping and can handle it problem-free. Learn the specifications of the activity to make sure you will not harm the dog, cutting the nails right. Encourage good behavior with nice treats while you accomplish the task. Do not make the nails too short, as it may be painful for your fluffy friend to walk, run and play.

Finish Drying the Dog

Finally, when all the procedures are done, you should take a towel and make sure your pet is 100% dry. It is vital to remember that the dog will shake the water from the fur anyway, so you should care for this amount to be small. If your pet is not afraid of the hairdryer, you may also consider this option.


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