AC Repair: When To Call For A Home AC Service

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Apr 04
AC Repair: When To Call For A Home AC Service

If you live in warmer climates or it’s the summer, it’s crucial to have a properly functioning air conditioning (AC) system. If your AC isn’t working at its optimum, your home may be uncomfortable.  

AC Repair: When To Call For A Home AC Service

Sometimes, even after scheduled maintenance, you can still encounter AC problems before the next tune-up period. Alternatively, you may move to a new home, and you aren’t sure whether to call for AC technicians to look at your unit. Mid-season might be challenging to schedule a convenient AC tune-up. However, you can still search for AC experts near you and schedule one. You can do a quick search on the internet call for AC service. For instance, if you’re in the Capon Bridge area of Virginia, you can search AC service Capon Bridge and choose from the options available.  

While scheduling for an AC service, the technicians may inquire about a few diagnostics for them to know what you’re experiencing. Here are a few indicators to help you know when to call for a home AC service.  

  • The Unit Does Not Cool Sufficiently  

When you set a specific temperature, the AC unit works to achieve and maintain it. Depending on your thermostat setting, the unit can achieve the conditions quicker or over time. Achieving this temperature can also depend on the size of the room.  

However, if you notice that it takes more time for the unit to achieve cool temperatures than before, your AC might have a problem. Additionally, the unit may run much longer to achieve the same conditions.  

If this is the case, it might be time to call your local AC technicians. Insufficient cooling can be due to low refrigerant levels, or the compressor isn’t working well. An alternative scenario can be a crack in the unit’s ducts that allows cool air to escape. Whichever the cause, calling the technicians can help identify the problem and service your AC unit.  

  • Low Or Poor Airflow From The Vents  

The AC unit blows cool air through the vents, which helps lower the temperatures as per your thermostat setting. However, you might notice that the airflow is relatively low even though the unit is working. In some cases, you may find no air coming out at all.  

Lack of airflow in your home can result in uncomfortable conditions, especially during the day when the temperatures are high. Blockage on the ductwork or a problem with the compressor can prevent the free flow of air in the unit. Additionally, dirty air filters can also reduce your unit’s airflow.  

AC experts recommend cleaning or replacing your air filters regularly. However, this may not fix the airflow problem. Thus, you may require an extensive diagnosis and service of the whole unit.

  • The AC Unit Is Making Unusual Noises  

A perfectly normal AC unit would be harming silently in the background while you enjoy comfortable conditions in your home. However, your quiet environment can get disturbed by squealing or grinding noises from the AC unit. Additionally, you might also hear continuous buzzing or clanking.  

These unusual noises can be due to increased friction on the motors, debris blocking the AC fan, or a problem with the belt. Correctly diagnosing the cause of these noises would require AC technicians. With the necessary special equipment, the technicians can isolate the issues and carry out repairs and services as necessary. It’s not advisable to try and diagnose these noise problems yourself as you can be injured or cause further damage to the unit.

  • Unpleasant Odors From The AC Unit  

Unpleasant smells can be a result of various unit problems. Water leaks in the ductwork or accumulation of water in the drain lines can cause mold growth. When air flows through the molds, it carries the foul smell of the mold into your home. Alternatively, a burning smell through the vents can be due to overheating of the AC system or an electrical malfunction.  

Sometimes, a refrigerant leak can also be an air contaminant in your home. These unpleasant smells can cause health problems, for instance, allergic reactions, for your family. Thus, the moment you notice an unpleasant odor, calling for an AC service is vital.


With the need for your AC to run continuously during the hot summer months, it must do so smoothly. However, if you notice some of the above signs, it’s crucial to contact your local AC experts for repair and service. This can help alleviate possible further damage that might be costly.  

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