Are there Functional Advantages to Installing a Glass Shower Screen?

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Jul 04
Glass Shower Screen

Glass shower screens are an aesthetic addition to any bathroom, irrespective of its size. For example, a quadrant shower screen in the corner finds itself at home in even the tiniest of bathrooms, while a large frameless shower adds more value to large, lavish homes with luxurious washrooms. However, we often get so engaged with the aesthetic and artistic appeal of shower screens, that we forget about the functional advantages it adds to a bathroom.

One may argue that décor doesn’t always need to be functional, as a remodelling project usually prioritises aesthetics above all else. True as that may be, shower screens are just as functional as they are beautiful. Read on as we discuss exactly what functions they serve and how.


The most obvious reason for installing shower screens is of course, privacy. When multiple people are living in the same household, a privacy curtain or screen should be considered almost a necessity, since locking the door will render the entire washroom inaccessible to everyone else. Shower screens with obscure/translucent glass help in keeping the rest of your bathroom open for others to use as needed, while someone else can take their shower in peace.

A Better Option than Curtains

Shower curtains are cheaper and easier to install than shower screens, but that’s where all their advantages come to an end. In every other way possible, a well installed shower screen is a far better option. To shed more light on that perspective, let’s highlight the prime reasons why glass screens are indeed considered to be better than their clothed alternatives.

  • Glass screens cost more to install than shower curtains, but they can last for decades with only minor maintenance
  • Shower curtains can never last as long as glass screens, even though the need for maintenance is much higher
  • Frameless or semi-frameless shower screens are almost completely resistant to water damage, but curtains are not
  • The lockable door adds an extra sense of real privacy and security that curtains can never possibly replicate
  • Shower curtains give way if someone slips and tries to catch onto them, but glass screens provide solid support
  • Be it dirt, grime, mould or a bug, curtains make it difficult to notice them, while nothing can hide on a glass screen

Well Chosen Shower Screens Do Not Make a Small Bathroom Look Cramped

Before we get further into this particular point, it should be noted that the keywords here are ‘well chosen.’ It’s true that glass showers screens offer a sense of continuity and doesn’t make a small bathroom look as cramped as curtains do, but that is only true as long as the shower screens were selected and installed carefully in accordance with the exact measurements of a specific bathroom.

For example, fixed panel, single-piece glass screens are premium, spacious options which can look as elegant in a big luxurious bathroom as they can look out of place in a small to medium sized bathroom with hardly enough drying space. To select the right type and size of glass screen that would be suitable for the décor, design, space and architecture of your bathroom, try Glazewell for professional suggestions.

Glazewell is a name in shower screens Perth has kept their trust in for over two and a half decades at this point, and that’s because of the assurance of quality which they bring with them by default. The company should be able to help you find the best possible shower screen that can be fitted in your bathroom with both décor and functionality in mind. Furthermore, they will also take care of manufacturing, customising and installing the glass screen, as soon as the customer is ready to finalise their selection.

Glass Screens Make the Bathroom a Safer Place for Seniors

The same advantages that make glass shower screens a safer option for seniors, also make them a safer option for just about anybody. As a bathroom remains accessible to others while a senior is taking a shower, this makes it possible for others in the house to know immediately and act accordingly if the person slips and falls in the shower.

Most importantly, a locked door and an intentionally smaller, fully framed/frameless showering screen can act as a solid defence against falls in the shower. The boxy design breaks the fall, ensuring that the person never really crashes down directly on the ground. This will either prevent or lessen the chances of breaking bones and suffering head traumas, which are so commonly reported among seniors.

Adding aesthetic value to a bathroom is, by itself, a functional addition. Attractive décor choices add more monetary value to a property, as well as making them easier to sell/rent out. Always ensure that the chosen shower screens meet the set standards though, because if they do not, that can become a safety concern at any point in the future.

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