Simple Ways to Budget for Your Garage Door Repair

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Simple Ways to Budget for Your Garage Door Repair
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Whether you are looking for a unique feature that will improve your house’s overall appearance or plan on selling your house in a few years, there are plenty of reasons to consider repairing your garage door.

Your garage door is an integral part of your property; aside from increasing your home's curb appeal, it also provides safety and security to your belongings. It keeps the harmful elements and critters out and provides a safe space to park your vehicle.

Even though your garage door is built to last long, it needs repairs after a certain time. Although most people prefer to replace their garage doors entirely in case of any malfunction, it's cost-effective to repair the doors instead.

In this article, we'll be discussing why you need to repair your garage door from time to time and what factors you need to consider to cut back costs while making a budget.

Why Should You Repair Your Garage Door?

Over the years, your garage door goes through a great deal of wear and tear, which makes it prone to certain malfunctions. A broken, faulty, or malfunctioning garage door can leave your property insecure and can pose a significant health and safety risk.

It can no longer provide safety to your belongings, increase your home's curb appeal, and ensure the security of your children, pets, and vehicle. Therefore, it is pivotal to perform regular garage door repairs to make your garage door last longer.

What Factors to Consider While Making Your Budget?

Once your garage door starts malfunctioning, it needs to get repaired as soon as possible to prevent potential theft and injuries. A garage door servicing can quickly become expensive if you don't pay enough attention. So, before calling in a garage door maintenance specialist, it is essential to make a budget.

A budget will help you account for all the things required for the repair and all other related expenses. It will also help you understand if your repair expenses surpass the cost of buying a new door or not. The most obvious choice for funding this repair would be to save your own money. However, some folks just can't afford to do that. If this is the case, then there are ways to borrow the funds, typically through home equity loans or mortgage refinancing. Check out this mortgage refinance guide for more information about that. Ultimately, refinancing is considered ideal if you intend on remaining in your home for at least another year.

Your budget will mostly stretch or shrink depending on the severity of the damage to your door and the value of the repair parts. Here are some factors you will need to take into consideration —

Materials & Repair Parts

There is a wide range of custom garage door repair parts on the market these days, and their prices vary a lot. Before drawing up a budget for your garage door repair, you need to figure out the material and repair parts you need.

Door Panel Replacement

Usually, garage door panels don't get damaged that bad, but there are times when they break or get severe dents. And when that happens, a few specific types of garage doors need an entire replacement while other modern doors don't. They are designed to allow for a single panel replacement.

If your door has multiple wooden panels, replacing one or more of the panels might just be enough. Depending on the type of wood, a brad nailer or finish nailer can be used. You need to talk to your repairman to ensure which repair options will suit your requirement the most.

Door Spring Replacement

Like all things, your garage door springs are not meant to last forever. Since they get stretched out and compressed over and over again while operating, they are bound to fail after a particular time.

If that happens, your garage door will sag or might drop while operating. This might cause fatal injuries and also might damage your vehicle.

The solution to this problem is replacing your garage door springs with new ones. Replacing old springs is relatively easy. It’s the same as changing a shower head or a door handle. You just have to get springs rated at the right levels to allow your garage doors to function properly.

Door Roller Replacement

Garage door rollers are one of the first parts to fail in most cases, but they are pretty easy to replace. Since they help move the door back and forth smoothly, they take an excessive amount of wear and tear over time.

If you hear loud noises and other issues related to rolling the doors, replacing your garage door rollers might just do the trick.

Door Lock Replacement

There is a wide range of garage door locks available on the market these days. Most modern garage doors have locks separated from the handles, while the older models have locks integrated into the handles.

The most suitable lock to fit your garage door will mostly depend on your door’s age, which is why you have to be careful while selecting one.

Door Cable Replacement

It is crucial to replace worn out or frayed cables of the garage door to avoid possible injuries and property damage. If any of the cables get frayed, they need to be repaired immediately.

If you keep using your garage door with one cable, it'll put a significant strain on the remaining wires and, ultimately, damage and break the wires.

The complexity of the Repairs

As garage doors come in different styles, performing repairs on them can get a bit tricky. While the simple garage doors are easier to repair, the intricate ones are far more complex. It takes extra hours, labor, resources, specialized materials, and, sometimes, additional workers to get the job done.

Since all of these costs can vary, you need to make sure exactly what sort of repair job your garage door needs and add that to your budget.


There are significant differences in the prices of garage doors and their repairs in various regions. Garage door repair cost depends mostly on the existing cost of labor, cost of living, and architecture of a particular area.

As the cost of garage door repair varies from region to region, yours will depend on where you currently reside. You'll have to add these expenses to your budget. You can take help from many free online tools to determine your garage door repair expenses based on your ZIP code.


Maintaining and repairing your garage door regularly will help keep your family and your belongings safe. When it comes to repairing your garage door, you should always act according to your budget.

You should ask questions about the repair options and compare quotes. That way, you will have a clear understanding of your expenses and will be able to avoid overpaying.

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