Can You Dry a Shower Curtain in the Dryer?

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Apr 03

can you dry a shower curtain in the dryer

Can You Dry a Shower Curtain in the Dryer?

After ten minutes you will be able to get out and dry the area with a dry towel. When the area is completely dry, you will be able to go ahead and take the dryer curtains out. Use the old ones and pull them apart as they are broken down. Can You Dry a Shower Curtain in the Dryer?

It’s never too early to start thinking about cleaning your shower curtain before you have it dry cleaned. It’s easier than you think. If you know what products you are going to use and you’ve decided on the methods you want to use then you’re ready to clean the curtains.

The first thing you need to do is to dry them. You can get your shower curtain shades ready to hang before you begin the actual washing process. Before you hang them, take the backing off the curtain. You will be able to hang them later with the backing still on.

Grab the squeegee and stick it into the crevice of the curtain. This will allow you to wipe away the cleaner as you go. Make sure that you wet the front part of the squeegee with very cold water and keep it in your hand so that you can wipe the cleaner away from the handle. Work your way back towards the back of the shower curtain. Use the same method of wiping to get the back part as well.

When you get to the back of the curtain, you will want to get a dry towel and rub the damp towel gently over the area that you want to remove the cleaner. Do this until the entire area is covered.

Use the dry towel to make sure that you get all of the cleaner that you can. Be careful not to touch the interior areas. That will cause you more damage than you can ever imagine.

Once you have completely wiped the area you are working on, get rid of all of the excess cleaner by using the trash can. If there isn’t a trash can near the area, you’ll need to use another container.

You are now ready to dry the area out. It’s important to get everything dry before you start to pull out the dryer. This will help to prevent the area from getting damaged further.

Get a drying rack that is close to the dryer and hang your dry towel up on it. Put the wet towel on top of the dry towel and make sure that it has a wide enough backing to fit perfectly over the back of the dryer. Put the dryer sheet right over the entire area.

You may also want to hang the dryer curtains on the wall while you are waiting for the area to dry. A ladder stand will do just fine.

The process will likely take at least an hour before you can pull out the dryer curtain. After that, it’s time to vacuum the area and make sure that the area is completely dry. You will need to continue to do these steps until the area is totally dry.

If you can’t find any steam cleaner that you can use to do this process, there are still a few different ways to dry out the area. Use a blow dryer to dry out the area. It’s best to do this by leaving it on the steam setting and let it run for about ten minutes.

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