Can You Wash a Shower Curtain Liner?

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can you wash a shower curtain liner

Can You Wash a Shower Curtain Liner?

Here is an easy question that you might want to ask yourself and the answer may surprise you. Can you wash a shower curtain liner?

It is true that the shower curtain does not come with a cleaning kit, nor does it come with a bag for the curtain and the hair drier and drier. All of these are extra products.

You must buy the accessories separately. When you buy all these, you must remember that you must also have a good vacuum cleaner, or one that has a strong suction power, or else the curtain may slide on the cloth bag.

Make sure that your power washer has a strong suction, or else the heavy duty vacuum may not be strong enough to get into all the crevices. If you do not have one, you may need to use the bag, which is available at almost any home appliance store.

The problem with the shower curtain itself is that they do not come with a tag, or a label, or even a receipt. But if you have a white-colored screen or wood material, you can wash it as you would wash a screen door or a wood screen.

Since it is in its original condition, it should take a long time before the dust and dirt settles in it. But as it is the case with wood screens, they are not easily cleaned and washed.

If you must clean it, do not try to scrub it because the ink that has already set in the plastic could not be removed by your normal soap and water methods. It must be cleaned thoroughly by an electrostatic method.

You will need a small charge, as well as a wide metal brush, which can be bought at an auto parts store or an industrial store. You can use the same brush that you use to clean the engine parts, which has the same metal brush head.

Then you will need to start at the back of the curtain and go across, along a small section of the screen. If you can see any debris, you can use a q-tip to pick it up and it will come out the same way.

When you are done, you should give the shower curtain a few minutes to dry and then put it away in a safe place. You should know that this type of material is much heavier than the typical fabrics, so you may want to have a light source such as a table lamp, or a fan for a little ventilation.

If you choose to get a non-metal screen, you will still need a charge and a wire brush, which you can buy at the same place that you bought the curtain liner. You can use these same brushes to clean the flooring, furniture, or anything else that you wish to clean.

You will find that you need to clean the bathroom floor often. The problems begin when it is dusty, as the dust will cause the appearance of hair to change.

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