Does a Polyester Shower Curtain Need a Liner?

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Jun 03

A liner is necessary for a polyester shower curtain. Polyester serves as an excellent covering for your shower area. Installing one or more shower liners is advisable as they safeguard the flooring and contribute to averting water damage.

does a polyester shower curtain need a liner

When you walk into a bathroom that has a wet floor, you are in for a surprise. The floor may be wet and slippery. With a wet floor, your clothes might get ruined if they get wet on the floor. It can also make for a very unpleasant experience to walk into a bathroom with water everywhere and not know how to get out.

An easy solution to a wet floor is a shower enclosure. These enclosures protect the floor and keep it clean. Your needs for a shower enclosure depend on how much water is on the floor.

If the floor is wet and slippery, you may find yourself slipping and falling onto the wet floor. With a wet floor, you can’t easily walk over to your towel line and get dry. Without a shower enclosure, you have to step over the wet floor to get to the towel line.

If the floor is already wet, you still need to install a liner on it. A liner can be a water-resistant vinyl sheeting, which is applied to the wet floor of your shower.

One problem with a vinyl shower curtain is that the vinyl will only be water-resistant up to a certain temperature. At high temperatures, water begins to discolor the vinyl shower curtain and become water-resistant.

Another problem with a liner is that it tends to crack when it is placed in high heat. This allows the hot water to seep through the cracks and stains from the shower water begin to appear.

If you do install a liner on a wet floor, you should still take care when stepping into the shower. When you place a liner on a wet floor, it may give your shoes some protection. However, if the shoes don’t cover the entire shoe with the liner, the liner won’t stop water from seeping in and damaging your shoes.

A polyester shower curtain, on the other hand, covers all areas of the shower. As a result, it provides a barrier between you and the wet floor.

Another problem with a liner is that it tends to discolor with high temperatures. A liner becomes an unsightly color. As a result, the first time you visit your house, you may want to cover the wet floor with plastic or sheeting.

When installing a polyester shower curtain, you may want to consider using a waterproof stain. Although the texture of the vinyl on the surface might give it some protection from water damage, the vinyl is not able to resist water. When applying a waterproof stain, you can use a sealant that is UV resistant.

A liner is necessary when the floor is wet and slippery. A polyester shower curtain helps protect your floor, so it is necessary to install a liner on the floor.

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