Does Shower Curtain Need Liner? The Easy Way

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Apr 04

Is a liner necessary for your shower curtain? Absolutely. Adding a liner will significantly improve the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom.

does shower curtain need liner

If you have chosen a style of curtain which is sheer, then it makes sense to add a layer of material to it. This will help to reduce the number of watermarks which are often found on the bathroom walls. It will also protect the wall from stains and marks.

You can also choose to install a semi-transparent shower curtain. This will allow you to see through to the tub whilst still keeping the curtains in place. Of course, this will mean that the curtains will need to be very strong and durable so you may want to use this option for your curtain if you are doing extensive refurbishment work.

When you are installing a shower curtain, it is a good idea to measure the size of the opening in the wall where the panel will be placed. You can then take the measurements of the curtain’s frame and find out how much curtain material you will need. Obviously, the curtain frame will need to fit snugly into the opening, but you need to ensure that it is not too tight that the panel will move out when you pull it up.

You’ll need to also ensure that the curtain is not so wide that it hangs off the side of the bathtub. You should try to use thicker curtain material as this will give it better support. However, you also need to remember that this material is going to be at least six inches thick and this is why it is important to make sure that the dimensions of the opening are correct. With a little bit of effort, you will be able to get this right.

The next step is to cover the frame of the curtain with a tape which has beenpre-printed with the measurements of the opening. There are some great ones, which even allow you to select a pattern. You can match this to the pattern on the back of the curtain so that they look as a unified, beautiful unit.

Before you actually pull the curtain up, you need to make sure that the tape has fully adhered to the frame. Do not just put the tape down without looking at it. You don’t want any gaps when you start pulling the curtain up.

When you pull the curtain up, make sure that you keep the rest of the shower curtains lined up. Pulling the other parts of the curtain can cause the frame to twist. Do not have any gaps between the curtains at this point.

The next step is to secure the curtain to the frame. Use a staple gun or bungee cord to keep the curtain in place. Make sure that you leave enough slack so that the curtain can be pulled up easily.

Once the curtain is secured to the frame, you will need to adhere the liner to the opening. It is a good idea to apply a bead of liner to the top and sides of the curtain. You should also add a layer of liners to the top of the frame and use zip ties to hold it in place.

When you are finished, you should remove the tape that is around the top of the frame and remove the backing which is used to install the liner. Use two small bits of tape to stick the two sides together and then pull the curtain up.

This simple system can be used to provide a simple and attractive solution to the question “does shower curtain need liner?” When you are ready to purchase a new curtain, this is a cheap and easy way to install a shower curtain without the cost of liner.

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