Does the Shower Curtain Go Inside the Tub?

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May 03

Does the shower curtain go inside the tub? If so, you should avoid using another curtain or a tub cover on your shower.

The reason is pretty straightforward: it’s not a good idea. It will only add to the discomfort you feel while using the shower.

And if you’re unfamiliar with the terminology, you may be thinking that there is a “tie-in” between a tub and a shower. It doesn’t.

So what do you think this means? Does the shower curtain go inside the tub?

Do not buy a shower curtain, if you don’t want it to go inside the tub. It is a good idea, though, to buy a curtain with no side openings.

However, there are instances when you really need to purchase a curtain that goes inside the tub. In those instances, it makes sense to choose one of those that have side openings.

These are the curtains that use the same rollers as the curtain rods. They do not function like regular curtains, though.

These are called “curtain rods” and they do exactly what you’d expect: they keep your curtain in place. However, they do not have any sides or no sides.

They do not close, just pull down. When a curtain falls to the floor, you can step right up into it. You do have to take care that the curtain does not get pulled off the rod by accident. This can happen because the curtain has been improperly attached.

After all, the curtain will only go inside the tub if it is attached correctly. And, it should be attached correctly.

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