How Do I Keep My Shower Curtain From Blowing In?

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Apr 03

My best friend is intrigued by my method for keeping my shower curtain from blowing inward. She got a new curtain which was extremely easy to install, much like one would easily paint a wall. She just slid the curtain into place, took it down, and had it up and running in about a minute.

how do i keep my shower curtain from blowing in

Now that she is wondering how do I keep my shower curtain from blowing in she thinks she can just leave it up there until she needs it. She told me that I did not use the proper tools when I painted the walls. And she also thought that the bathroom curtains I have been too short to keep them up.

Too bad she is going to paint her bathroom soon and then she will be asking me all about how do I keep my shower curtain from blowing in. If I had painted the walls they would not be an issue, but I did not do that and the curtains went up way too short. Now she thinks she has to buy a replacement one or try and make a do it yourself job.

It is so easy to get a new curtain with all the holes already made. And I can only imagine what a nightmare she has on her hands. When she goes to paint her bathroom, she is going to look at the walls and see that I painted them. And if I do not paint them I am not going to do it myself.

One of the things I have always loved about painting is that you can take out a wall if you need to do it. You just need a hammer and a tape measure. And it does not take long to complete. So, if I am not around to paint I am not going to need a curtain anymore.

Now this sounds good to my friend, but she thinks that she can’t install a curtain by herself. She is going to hire a professional for this job. I will see about this and she can call me if she needs any help.

There are different types of curtains, some come in plain white, some come in wood, and there are curtains that come in all types of fabrics. I guess she will choose between the many curtains I have in my shop.

As far as keeping curtains from blowing in I do not know if curtains come with instructions for installing them. If they do then I will call the curtain company to find out if they do.

My curtain will blow in, when I turn the temperature on the water. I think this is another reason why I do not want the new curtain. I do not want my water to be too hot or too cold.

The curtains have never blown in so they are in perfect condition. If my curtain blows in it will probably ruin my entire wall. But I think my problem is the weather outside and the cold water coming into the house.

Now, that my temperature is perfect conditions and the temperature of the water is still low enough. I will leave the curtain up. I have not yet tried the wood because it is dark and warm.

So my shower curtain is blow in now and it has been there for over five years. So my answer to my friend is I know how to keep my curtain from blowing in.

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