How Do I Stop My Shower Curtain From Blowing In The Wind? Tips And Tricks For Your Dream Window

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Jul 03

You might be wondering, how can I prevent my shower curtain from fluttering due to the breeze? A window exposed to wind might be responsible for adding a few dollars to your monthly water expenses, and needless to say, that’s not ideal for you!

how do i stop my shower curtain from blowing in

Most of us want to save as much water as we can but sometimes, the wind doesn’t allow it. And you can end up spending more on your water bill than you bargained for. However, there are several solutions you can try before having to give up your dream of a perfectly clean-shaven head of hair.

The most popular way of avoiding the curtain blowing in the wind is to build a fan that can push the air through the hole created by the curtain and prevent it from blowing through the opening. You can do this with PVC pipe or use strips of wood. It works but you will need a couple of the fan blades in order to keep the entire thing moving.

If you live in an area where it’s windy days, you can also install some type of built-in fans or power strip in your window frame. This way, the fan can work all the time no matter what the weather is like outside.

Some people have tried using a system of tubing and valance that surrounds the shower curtain when it is closed. This helps push the air along the water instead of blowing right into the opening. This system is only temporary and you can also find a cheaper alternative by using a door close down system.

The downside to this type of system is that it takes the curtain off the track, which causes it to close all the way or do it in a “lot of hurry” manner. The problem with this is that you end up with a chiller in the ceiling that is working at full capacity, which eventually causes the same effect.

You can save money on your current water bill by making your own wind chiller. I know that sounds difficult but believe me when I say it is not. All you need is some copper wire, some rubber, a switch, some duct tape and some black paint.

If you want to make this too difficult, you can use something that is relatively simple and that a small child could do. You can buy a cheap pump or run an old water heater that has a thermostat connected to the hot water tank.

Use a resistor between the fan and the current. This will stop the fan from overheating or over blowing.

The reason that you should make sure that the fan doesn’t reach it’s temperature too quickly is because you don’t want it to blow the hot water right into the space where the air is cooler and therefore, saving your air conditioning money. You can also take a look at the fan wiring and make sure that it isn’t too hard to work with.

You don’t want to have to repair your curtain. If you have a good set of scissors, you can cut the wires that are sticking out from the fan blade and save yourself a little bit of money.

While these are a couple of possibilities, the best solution is probably going to be to simply have a professional come out and professionally repair your curtains. They can do this for a lot less money than you can spend if you did it yourself and it is also a lot safer and easier way to install your wind chiller.

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