How Do I Wash a Shower Curtain?

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Jun 04

how do i wash a shower curtain

How Do I Wash a Shower Curtain?

Several factors should be taken into account when cleaning a shower curtain. Given that it’s among the most affordable items in your household, ensuring it’s cleaned correctly is essential. Moreover, it is prone to damage if you use too much water or an excessive number of cleaning products.

So, let’s talk about how to wash a shower curtain. This will save you time and the products you use won’t damage the fabric.

When you start the process of washing a shower curtain, you should understand that it takes a lot of water. The cheaper ones can soak up water like a sponge and just wash right through them. They need to be soaked for at least a few minutes.

Use a dampened and a clean cloth or a damp piece of cloth. The pieces should be clean and be able to stand up to the water without getting wet. Before you start with the shower curtain, you should turn it upside down so that it will be easier to wipe off the excess water.

Always test the water level before you actually start with the shower curtain. If it is too high or too low, it will not be easy to remove the stubborn dirt and grime that usually form on a washable fabric.

When the water gets too high, take the towel dryer and blow it out until it looks like steam. At this point the water can be safely removed.

Next, put some soap into the detergent. You want to work the soap into the fibers to clean the water from the curtain. A detergent pad works great for this.

Use a very gentle hand when using the pad. The machine does the work for you and it doesn’t hurt anything but it is okay to push the stain to the back and get a good scrubbing in.

Now that the stain has been cleaned away you can use a cleaner that is not as strong. Use a cloth with fabric softener. Take care when working with the fabric as it can get all wrinkled or moldy if it is not handled carefully.

Let the cloth stay on the material for a few minutes and then rinse it in warm water with a mild soap and warm water. Do not use anything abrasive. Try not to use any harsh chemical cleaners as they could ruin the fabric.

Rinse it well and it will be good as new. Be sure to dry it well by wiping it with a clean towel.

Hopefully you found this information helpful as you start to wash a shower curtain for the first time. Follow the tips for your shower curtain and you will save time and money.

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