How Much a Shower Door Costs – A Bathroom Upgrade Guide for 2024

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How Much a Shower Door Costs

If you’re finally get to the home renovations in this New Year. Though, you’re still confused about where should you start? If it should be a kitchen renovation? Or remodeling the master bedroom? How about painting the exterior. No, in 2024, make one of the smartest decisions a homeowner can make toward living more comfortably and toward increasing the value of the home by investing in a bathroom upgrade.

For any type of bathroom upgrade, it’s important to recognize the areas of the bathroom that can bring you the greatest return on your investment. This includes the sink and vanity, the tilework, and, of course, the shower. Something as simple as installing a new shower door can bring tremendous value to your bathroom.

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Now is not the time to wait for—2024 is the time to act! Let’s walk through how much a new shower door costs to install to help make your bathroom how you always wanted it to look.

A Complete Guide to How Much a Shower Door Costs

To make renovating your bathroom in 2024 as easy as possible, we wanted to put together a complete guide for how much a new shower door costs. But first, why is a new shower door such an important part of a bathroom upgrade?

The reality is that there are three key aspects to any bathroom: the vanity and sink, the toilet, and the shower. However, that does not mean that upgrading any of these will be as beneficial as upgrading another. In fact, upgrading to a glass shower has been shown to not only improve the comfort and style of a bathroom, but also improves the value of the home. Installing a new toilet or sink, while nice, does not offer quite the same returns.

And even then, the great thing about renovating a shower is that it does not need to be a complete shower renovation. In fact, installing new tile can be one of the most expensive and time-consuming aspects of shower remodels. Instead, bring your focus to the front of the shower with a new shower door.

New glass shower doors can bring more light into the shower, make the bathroom feel larger, and also add some style to a bathroom that might otherwise feel outdated. This is a manageable renovation and you will be glad that you made it a priority in 2021.

Things you must know Before Buying

Okay, so you have made the decision that 2021 is your year—you are finally going to invest in a new shower door and quickly brighten up your bathroom with style and functionality. However, before you dive into the project and buy a new shower door, there are several things you need to consider. First, you need to do a full audit of your bathroom and your current shower. What style are you working with? What would look good? What style do you like best? These are basic questions before beginning a renovation.

Secondly, you need to get practical. What orientation of shower door do you need? Will it have hinges on the left or right? Will it be sliding? You will also need to take thorough measurements of the existing shower door to ensure that you are buying the right size replacement.

Once you have done all of these things, you are ready to move on to the next phase of the process: planning a budget.

Budget Allocation

What many homeowners would consider the most important phase of the project, next comes the budget allocation for your next shower door. It is critical to have a full understanding of your budget before going any further in the process.

That is, you should not begin dismantling your current bathroom or shower door until you know for certain that you can afford to replace it with something nicer. The last thing you want to encounter is to remove the current shower door only to realize afterward that you do not have the funds to actually upgrade it. In this scenario, you would either be needlessly buying a comparable replacement shower door or putting the old one back on.

At this point, plan a full budget range. What is the most you can spend? What is the price point you most want to spend? Shopping for a new shower door will be much easier when armed with this information ahead of time. Visit here, if you’re looking to buy a pure quality shower door.

Estimated Pricing of Different Styles of Shower Doors

When you are ready to purchase, it’s important to understand the various shower door costs based on different styles. Here are four of the most common types of shower doors and their cost differences.

Fixed Shower Screen – A fixed shower screen, which is a full-length sheet of glass for a shower that does not have a door, can range from $300-350.

Hinged Shower Door – Hinged shower doors can be hung on either the left or right side and often swing both inward and outward, and they range from $350-400.

Door and Panel – Combining the first two options, these shower doors come with a side panel to extend the area the glass covers and typically range from $700-900.

Sliding Shower Door – Much like a hinged shower door, except sliding side-to-side instead of inward or outward, these doors range from $900-1,200.

An Investment That Adds Tremendous Value to Your Property

Bathroom remodeling, even something as seemingly straightforward as replacing a shower door, is a big decision. It is easy for homeowners to put off the project for lack of understanding about its impact, both on their everyday lives and on the value of the home. However, the reality is that a shower door can be one of the smartest upgrades a homeowner can make.

Firstly, it will greatly improve your standard of living. Get rid of the soap scum. Replace that old glass. Brighten up the interior space and make it feel larger. You will be completely satisfied with your new shower door. Secondly, your home value will increase, as bathroom remodels offer some of the best returns on investments of any home renovation, which makes it always a good time to think about that next bathroom project.

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