How To Bathe Cats Properly

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May 05
How To Bathe Cats Properly

Have you always dreamt of a cat and finally got it? You are surely happy playing with it, buying nice toys, beds, and outfits for the kitty, reading the extended Royal Canin kitten food review, and taking maximum care of your furry child. However, these are not all the tasks you will have to accomplish. Apart from playing and relaxing with the kitten, your task is to make sure it is 100% healthy and safe. Regular spa days, bath times, and nail clipping experiences are a must. At this point, you should take your time and effort to investigate the basic principles and recommendations on how to achieve the desired result without negative consequences.

First of all, experienced cat owners know that their pets are ultimately self-sufficient so that you will not have to bathe them often. Nonetheless, you should always be ready to do it if your kitten has got into dirt or mud. Is the struggle real? Can you clean your cat safely without being hurt?

Six Steps to a Flawless Cat Bathing Experience

There is no way to deny that the overwhelming majority of cats hate water and any interaction with it. Therefore, you will have to be patient and cautious before and during the experience, doing your best to stay calm and keep your furry friend relaxed. Follow simple guidelines to achieve the necessary result in no time.

Start with the claw clipping

This is one of the most important experiences every cat owner should mind. You should not mandatorily do it before bath, as you should accomplish it regularly, especially if you strive to keep your house safe. However, double-check the length of the claws before bath time, as you definitely do not want your hands to get decorated. Once you have succeeded with the process, you should get the rubber gloves necessary for the bathing process. Just in case your furry friend will get furious.

Brush the fur

You have already clipped the claws, but you are still not ready to move to bath time. Get your pet ready for the experience. Start with the fur brushing, as it will help your kitten get relaxed, enjoying pleasant brush moves, and will advance the achievement of the desired outcomes. A properly selected brush or comb may eliminate the dirt and mud from the furry coat, simplifying your task.

Choose the appropriate container

Finally, you are ready to consider the bathing process, and the first item you should take into regard is the container. It is recommended to bathe animals in shallow baskets or right in a sink. Keep in mind that a huge bathtub can be overwhelming for the cat, looking either too scary or too exciting. Do not forget to have a little cloth underneath the tub or a sink so that your fluffy friend feels comfortable standing without slipping.

Take control of the water

Water will run and splash, which can sometimes keep your pet busy playing with it. Nonetheless, in the overwhelming majority of instances, it is right what makes animals irritated. Make sure you can predict the reaction of your furry friend so that you can avoid any uncontrollable situations. Additionally, it is important to remember that cats feel the temperature a bit higher than people, so make sure the water is not too hot for the kitten.

Use proper shampoos and conditioners

When your kitten has already got wet, you need to act fast, as the animal’s patience is exceptionally limited. Use a piece of clothes or take advantage of the rubber gloves you have on in order to do a little massage, which will help your furry child stay relaxed, enjoying the spa time.

Apply a special shampoo that will keep the cat fur clean and tidy. Spread it to the paws, back, belly, backside, and tail, skipping none of the points. Rinse it completely. Apply the conditioner and repeat the process.

Get ready with numerous towels

Fortunately, the bath time is over, but your mission is not accomplished yet. At this point, one should remember that pets lose body heat while wet, so you should do everything possible to protect the animal from unwanted consequences. Take several towels to dry the kitten’s coat. Rub the animal carefully with the towel, or use the blow drier if your pet is ready to tolerate it. Anyway, make sure the coat of your animal is 100% clean and dry.

Extra Tips for Bathing Naughty Cats

While some animals trust their owners to the maximum extent, others are not ready to do the things they do not want to. Thus, the owners of the second category animals are likely to suffer a lot. Nonetheless, it is inevitable to be flexible and be ready to do crazy things to achieve the desired results. Check out a few simple tips that will simplify your task and help you succeed with the feline spa:

  • Get help if you are not sure you will cope with the task yourself.
  • Eliminate the running water.
  • Get some treats.
  • Choose the appropriate time when the cat is not too energetic.
  • Be 100% prepared for the experience.

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