How to Choose the Best Vanity Mirror

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Jun 04
How to Choose the Best Vanity Mirror

Whether it is accessorizing the bedroom or your bathroom, mirrors are crucial. They can shape your room and give it the finishing that can hold the space together.


From choosing the right size to getting the right frame, there’s a lot that one needs to think about before getting a mirror. It is especially true for vanity mirrors. Ensure that the choice you are making is complimenting your space and tying it together.


You can find plenty of options in the market with minimalistic designs and LEDs. So, if you are looking for ‘the one,’ we can help you find it. We have put together this guide to help you choose the best vanity mirror.


Our advice is for you to start with taking measurements of your bathroom. It can help you in predicting the size of the mirror that you can fit inside your vanity.


Selecting the Right Size for Your Bathroom


The size of your vanity decides whether you should put big size mirror or a small mirror in there. It can be a bummer if you plan to buy a big mirror, but your vanity size doesn’t allow it, or vice versa. But you can easily manage the space and still put the mirror that you like.

So, to ensure that your vanity mirror meets all your requirements, measure the sink and cabinets and then narrow down your options.


Also, if you have limited space, then you can consider the ones with a medicine cabinet. This way, you can store your medications, bandages, and other items inside your mirror and save up space. You can explore plenty of other options and choose what suits you best. You can also choose to have a mirror running from wall to wall. That way, you’ll be able to create a cleaner space over your vanity.


Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing the Best Vanity Mirror


  1. Size of the Mirror

As we discussed above, the size of the mirror matters. It shouldn’t look like the mirror has taken over your bathroom, nor should it look like there’s a lack of it.

A good mirror will always utilize your space and enhance your vanity.


If you want big mirrors but don’t have a lot of space, you can try building mirrors into the wall. It is a modern way to design your vanity and take your vanity design to the next level. The best part about it is that your bathroom can look double in size and create an illusion of bigger space.

Or you can use a single mirror above your vanity surface.


  1. Lighting

Another most important factor to consider while choosing a vanity mirror is lighting. You need to have good light if you plan to do your makeup right. That’s why we always advise people to see what kind of light arrangement they have or plan to have. There are options of wall-mounted sconces for putting on different angles, integrated LED lights, and single pendant light.

The best part about using sconces for small mirrors is that they can bring timelessness and enhance the reflection. LED lights, on the other hand, do a similar trick while also saving energy. The LED integrated mirrors are also known as the Hollywood mirrors. They look elegant and can lit up your vanity.


  1. Frame or frameless?


While looking for options, you will stumble upon both frame and frameless mirrors. A framed mirror can radiate traditional vibes and can go with your furniture if similar.

Frameless mirrors, on the other hand, give more of a modern vibe. With frameless mirrors, you can put the focus on the details of your bathroom. You can also mix the designs and put framed ones in the modern bathroom and frameless ones in traditional ones. Or you can get a mirror with a frame, few inches wide. It will keep the ‘modern’ look intact while giving you the feel of a framed mirror.



  1. Consider all the shapes and designs


We have already discussed how crucial the mirror size is. But you should also carefully consider the shape of the mirror for your vanity. You will mostly come across the big square or rectangular size mirrors. They are great, give you a clear reflection, and easy to take care of, but you can also consider other unique shapes that can play a role in shaping your vanity.

Mirror shapes like round and oblong can bring soothing and relaxed vibes to your vanity and enhance the look. You can put a small light on the sides of the mirror for the best results.



  1. Try suspended mirrors


If your bathroom space doesn’t allow you to have a traditional mirror on your wall, don’t worry. You can still utilize your space and do something good about it.

You don’t necessarily have to hang the mirror flat on your wall. You can go for the suspended mirrors that hang from the ceiling. This way, you can put mirrors according to your creativity.

You can have fun with the designs and bring different styles together. You can create a modern vanity with suspended mirrors and also try wall-to-wall mirrors for a cleaner look. If you want to see your complete reflection, you can get the full-length dressing mirror. You can put it beside a cabinet in your bathroom. With this, you can use wall-mounted bulbs and enhance your vanity.




You must have known by now how important size is. Vanity mirrors are supposed to give you a balanced look in your bathroom. You have so many options to choose from; it is all about choosing the one that fits your bathroom right. Size can almost shape your vanity and give it a timeless look. You will need something that uplifts your experience and give you the look that you desire. Choosing a vanity mirror can be a task, but you can consider the things mentioned above, and you will be able to make the right choice. Time spent in vanity is supposed to be personal, and you need to ensure that you feel comfortable and getting the desired output out of it.


Whether you want to do complete makeup or just give yourself a final touchup, make sure you have the right place for it with the right vanity mirror.

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