How to Equip Your Kitchen

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Jun 04
How to Equip Your Kitchen

You know that if your workspace is organized badly, you can’t focus on what to do. The same situation is in the kitchen. If there is a poor organization, you go around it and cook too slowly. If you’re wondering how you can cook faster, good equipment is the best bet for you. Therefore, we’ve prepared for you the list of equipment you should purchase for your kitchen.

You can buy it in one day or gradually, day by day. Do as you like. So let’s go deeper into our topic.


There are a few types of ranges. Choosing a type depends on your kitchen. There is no sense to buy a 48-inches pro-style device if your kitchen barely fits two people.

There are three types of ranges:


  • electric — works on electricity fully;
  • gas — works on gas fully;
  • dual-fuel — it’s a mix of an electric and a gas range.

Electric ranges can work in any house because all you need for their work is electricity. To place a gas device in your kitchen, you need to have either natural gas or propane at your dwelling. To have a properly working dual-fuel range, you have to follow requirements for both electric and gas fits of rage.


Maybe you know this situation when you have no desire to peel the buckwheat from the plate. Or you’re just upset because of wasting your time washing dishes. In such cases, a dishwasher is the best solution because it can save hundreds of hours rather than washing and drying dishes by hand.

A 18-inch device will fit well for a small kitchen. Use a 24-inches wide dishwasher if you have a middle kitchen.

Find models with a heavy scrub setting. Thanks to this function, there is no need to pre-rinse your dishes. If your dishwasher doesn’t have this setting, you should pre-rinse your dishes to avoid running the dish cycle more than once.

Food Processor

A food processor is an indispensable thing in your kitchen because it blends, chops, grinds, slices, and blends. If you aren’t a professional chef, choose a manual food processor with a 2.5 litre capacity. It can handle one-three cups of ingredients at a time.

If you really like cooking, purchase an electric food processor that has multiple parts. Be ready to find a space in your kitchen for this appliance because such a device is large.

If you have a small kitchen or want to have a device that can only chop and puree, you can purchase a mini chopper. It’s cheaper than a food processor and takes up much less space.

Microwave Oven

Microwaves function in different ways. According to these ways, you should choose the appropriate device for you based on three types of them:

Solo device. This microwave can reheat your food, cook it or defrost. But can’t grill;

  • Grill microwave oven. The grill appliance is still the same solo microwave only with the grill function;
  • Convection appliance. This type of microwave includes solo and grill devices and additional functions such as baking, roasting, browning, and crisping foods.

If you have children at home, your microwave should have a child lock facility, e. g. a password. Your kids can’t turn on a device without entering this password.


Toasts can please us with their taste. Also, we can add some melted cheese, jam, meat, and peanut butter. Therefore, such an appliance is necessary for any person who likes to enjoy such food.

Many toasters have a clear side, so you can watch how your toast is cooking. To use your device safely, leave space between a machine and walls, and overhead cabinets. Keep in mind that some appliances require to be operated on a specialized circuit while other devices aren’t operated on.

Coffee Maker

If you like coffee and are too busy, you can’t get by without a coffee maker. This device will help you to make your coffee quickly. Choose a device according to your prefers:

Automatic single-serve coffee maker. Such machines use pre-prepared coffee pods. Therefore, you don’t need to measure, grind, and pour. Only add freshwater;

  • Drip coffee maker. Using this appliance, you can choose the type of bean roast. Some devices offer you integrated grinding;
  • Espresso machines. As you see, you make espresso by using such devices. To use this machine, you need dark roasted beans.

And don’t forget that coffee taste depends not only on the coffee machine, but also on the beans. Therefore, choose only the best Brazilian coffee beans to enjoy the best coffee, too.

The Bottom Line

You’ve read about six devices that you can purchase to appliance your kitchen. Pay attention not only to cost; think about devices’ functionality and capacity. Try to choose equipment that is designed to fit your kitchen well.

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