What Should You Hang On Your Bathroom Walls?

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May 05
What Should You Hang On Your Bathroom Walls

Just like any other room, Bathrooms should look classy and impressive. However, these are delicate rooms that need some extra thinking. What works in your other rooms might not work for your bathroom. So, to add some inspiration, here are some bathroom wall hanging and decoration ideas to adorn the place. 

Top Things to Hang on Your Bathroom Walls

When it comes to bathroom walls, we usually fall short of ideas. However, a lot could be done with the restroom walls. Let’s take a look into it for a better idea

Bathroom-friendly Art Options

First and foremost, you can adorn the bathroom with art that’s bathroom-friendly. Most people have concerns with the damage due to water or humidity. 

However, this can be retained by opting for materials that stand up well in moisture. One can go for metal art prints secured with aluminum sheet canvas. 

Mirror it Up

Another to enhance the aura of a bathroom is by mirroring it up. This does not mean a single mirror at the bathroom corner. Instead, you can experiment with adding plenty of mirrors on the wall. 

It’s a great way to decorate the walls. Likewise, you can opt for different shapes and sizes to make it look more appealing. This technique is quite useful for bathrooms that are small or dark. 

Wall hangings

There’s no place where you cannot add humor. With that being said, you can apply wall hangings to the bathroom walls. Now, the choices may depend on the type of person you are.

However, if you are sarcastic, any light-hearted quote is worth a shot. Make sure to choose the fonts and colors as per your preferences. It’s recommended to try a contrast that justifies the color of the bathroom wall.


Bathrooms might not seem the kind of place where you can add plants. However, it can be added to keep the place clean and fresh.

It’s more like a natural freshener to keep the place at its best. Also, it adds a hint of greenery. You can opt for any fern that requires less maintenance. 

Art Gallery

If you are an artistic person then choosing a single artwork must be difficult. However, if you have a collection of alluring artworks, make its gallery wall. After that, you can display it in the bathroom to make it look promising. 

You can mix and match it up as per desirable themes. Besides, for patterns, you can merge both small and large frames. For frame colors, it’s best to choose something subtle for an impressive upshot.

Racks and Holders

For bathroom wall hangings, it’s best to do something useful too. In that case, there is nothing as suitable as racks and holders for your bathroom.

You can get it implanted on the bathroom walls to secure a few things into it. Besides, it keeps the bathroom utilities organized and arranged. So, both of these are worth the shot!

Something Extra for Your Bathroom Walls

Apart from hangings, here are some of the ways to transform your bathroom walls. 

Vibrant Colors

When it comes to the bathroom, people play it safe with subtle colors. However, one can add an unexpected touch by painting the bathroom walls vibrantly.

It can punch up space and give it an iconic outlook. If you do not want to overpower the color, it’s best to apply it to the half wall.

Washi Tapes

Washi tapes are quite top-notch in adorning and decorating the home. To add extra modernization, you can go for washi tapes for highlighting the moldings.

These are easy to apply. All you have to do is peel and stick. Besides, it outshines the complete environment of the bathroom. So, if you want something on the walls, washi 

Add Themes

Themes are not just for your normal rooms. Instead, you can theme up for bathrooms as well. Now, one of the most popular choices for bathroom themes is the beach theme.

It adds that modern and appealing touch to the entire overlook of the bathrooms. However, if you do not want to theme it up entirely, go for beach photographs and artworks.

Paint the Ceilings

If your bathroom wall is covered with tiles, then stay put. That’s because you can still give it a classic look by painting the ceilings. Just like the wall, you can opt for a subtle or vibrant color as per your own choice. 

Besides,  wall arts can be consolidated on the ceilings too. The designs can be customized by the owner itself. 


If you are not a paint person, simply go for wallpapers. The entire process is quite straightforward. Just a simple pull and peel and voila! your wall is brand new.

You can try different patterns and designs for wallpapers. Anything from stripes to polka dots is perfect to enhance the wall. It’s also manageable and budget-friendly. 

There are numerous colors to choose from. You can select the contrast from bold to vibrant.

So, these were some of the bathroom wall hangings and decoration ideas. Try it out today and see your restroom getting embellished.

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