How to Clean Shower Curtain in Washer And Dryer

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How to clean shower curtain in washer and dryer depends on several factors. It is best to first do the work in the morning before you set out for the day, before the warm temperatures cause any problems. Then you need to get the type of cleaner you want, as well as how many towels and what sort of clothing or furniture you want to keep clean.

how to clean shower curtain in washer

The kind of soap you use depends on whether you need to shampoo the shower curtain or wash the whole thing. Generally, it’s best to use a mild soap that won’t strip the finish of the shower curtain and may be a good choice for the whole item. Washing the shower curtain in a washing machine, such as a pedestal washer, is very simple and if you have a separate washer and dryer, it will only take a few minutes.

To start with, remove all the accessories from the bathroom and lay them out on the floor, on a towel to prevent them from getting wet, and then get out the towel and wash your hands. Wash the shower curtain with cold water and a mild soap (the same one you would use to wash your hands) and rinse well.

Now take a hot but not too hot spray bottle and put it on the back of a towel and rub the chemical onto the area that you wish to clean. By rubbing the towel against the bottle, you will transfer the soap to the entire area, allowing you to work quickly, without damaging the surface.

Do this again with another towel and repeat the process. Don’t forget to use a separate towel to dry your hands! Let the towel to dry completely before putting it away.

Some homeowners actually find that it is easier to wash the shower curtain after it has been in the washer a while. To do this, make sure that the door is shut and open the window so that you can run cold water through the shower before turning it on.

When the water comes on, then fill the bathtub slowly and wait until the steam has dispersed down the drain and the steam is no longer being sucked up by the nozzle, then add more hot water. This is because the steam that is in the hot water is able to get to the curtain much quicker than that which is not.

Now turn on the shower and quickly rinse the curtain. If you see any water spots on the curtain, then you could do some scrubbing with your toothbrush or brush to get the water off.

However, you don’t want to scrub the shower curtain. The steam will dry and prevent water spots.

Then repeat the process with cold water and dry on the shower curtains. After washing and drying the curtain in a separate cycle, you should be good to go.

When this process is done, make sure that you turn the water off at the tap, so that the towel doesn’t become damp. That way it will take much less time to get the towels to dry.

Another great idea is to fold the towels before putting them away, which makes them easy to store when they are wet. Most people fold the towels a bit shorter than usual, to conserve space and reduce the amount of water that gets wasted, but this is not always possible.

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