How To Heat a Bathroom Without Central Heating

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How To Heat a Bathroom Without Central Heating
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Keeping the bathroom warm and comfortable is something everybody wants. However, central heating systems are too much to invest in! However, there are always other ways to make sure your bathroom remains cozy and locks in the heat. So, let’s look at affordable yet excellent ways that will help you heat a bathroom:

1.    Pre-Heating with a Heater

A heater for a bathroom can be used for pre-heating and bringing comfort. You would be happy to know that many quality electric heaters are not costly and could be the right investment.

Plug-in the electric heater and point it to the bathroom for about 20 minutes before taking a shower. Now, as you go into your shower, you will be able to feel the comfort and warmth of the heat that only took a small amount of time to reside in.

2.    Using Rugs

Now, a floor heating system could be very expensive to install. However, you do not have to always feel the discomfort of cold against your feet every time you step into your shower. The solution is using rugs.

Cover the floor with washable rugs. The thicker the rugs, the better. This method is best for anyone who prefers a bathtub. There are also bathroom mats that you can easily find on the market!

3.    Installing a Heated Towel Rail

Pre-heating your towels is great for heating a bathroom without the need for pricey equipment. But, what if you can get a towel rail that will also heat the entire bathroom while making sure the towels are warm?

A heated towel rail is cheaper yet better than many other typical heating systems. Firstly, you will be able to enjoy the warm towels after having a shower. Secondly, the rail heater will generate heat and spread it evenly in the bathroom, making it warm and cozy!

4.     Having Plants

Many interior designers suggest that having plants in your bathroom can make it warmer. How? The leaves of a plant can increase moisture in the air, thus, making the temperature higher. And plants can look unique and aesthetic inside the bathroom while keeping you closer to nature!

5.    Sealing Holes and Windows

If you don’t make sure that the windows aren’t properly sealed, it won’t matter if you are using a heating system. Sealed windows keep the heat trapped inside the bathroom, and you should always keep that in mind when you are using a heater or just want to have a nice shower. Especially during the winter, you never want to keep bathroom windows open for too long!

6.    Installing Better Lighting

Whether you believe it or not, better lighting can give you a sense of warmth. If the bathroom lighting is mildly yellow, red, or orange, you will feel much warmer. That is why many interior designers suggest this as an alternative way of heating your bathroom!

Getting a heater seems like the easiest option to go for. If you want to know which heater is the best for your bathroom, be sure to check out Eminickreview website as they provide great insight!

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