How to Install a Curved Shower Curtain Rod

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Installing a curved shower curtain is the best way to add curves and texture to your bathroom. Curved shower curtains are available in many designs, colors and styles that can enhance your home and give you a different look than what you might expect.

The most important thing to consider when you are looking at curved shower curtain rods is the space available. You need to have enough room to walk through the curtain and lay it flat. It should be supported by only two metal rods (not included in the curtain), a horizontal one and a vertical one.

Measure the length of the curved curtain and determine how many inches you need to add to it for the curved curtain rod. Most curtain rods are put on before the curtain is hung and have a bit of space between the rods. Measure from each side of the curtain and divide the measurement by the number of inches for the curved curtain rod.

The dimensions for the curtain rod are the main measurements you will need for this project. Use tape measure to measure from each corner of the curtain to the rod. If there is not enough space between the rods, it is time to reposition the rods a bit.

Remember that the width of the curtain rod should be equal to the length of the rod minus the width of the rod. So the width of the curtain should be the total of the rod’s length plus the width of the rods. For an average size curtain on the rod should be six inches longer than the curtain width. Now take the measurements for the curtain and divide them by the number of inches for the curved curtain rod.

If you have extra rods, use the measurements for the ones you have and the extra rods. After you determine the rod length, calculate the width of the rod plus six inches. Plug the results into the calculator to see how many inches that equals.

Remember that for safety reasons, the curtain rod should never be longer than one or two feet. You should measure the doorway from the bottom of the rod all the way up to the top of the door frame. This measurement will be used as a guide for the opening of the curtain.

At this point, make sure the curtain rod is long enough to fit over the doorway. You want to be able to pull the curtain to the top when the door is shut. If the curtain is too short, it will be caught at the bottom and then hang down in front of the door instead of covering it.

The rods that you choose for the curtain should fit well together without sagging. Try to get rods that are of the same thickness. The thicker the rod, the more support it will provide.

Now that you know how to install a curved curtain rod, you need to measure out where you will attach the rods. Start at the bottom of the rod and measure out about one foot for each rod. Take the width of the doorway and divide it by the rods’ lengths.

Subtract about one and a half inches from the doorway’s width and the remaining inches you need will be added to the rod length. This should give you the distance from the bottom of the rod to the bottom of the doorway.

To determine the length of the curtain rod, calculate the width of the doorway, the length of the curtain rod, the measurements for the rods and the door width. The total of these will determine the length of the curtain rod.

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