How to Prevent Mold on Shower Curtain Liner?

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How to Prevent Mold on Shower Curtain Liner

As you step into your bathroom to refresh and cleanse, the last thing you want to find is a disgusting sight of black ugly mold growing on the sides and folds of your shower curtain liners and other places of your bathroom.  This indeed is a gross but above all unhealthy. It is an allergen and can trigger allergies and asthma attacks.  So, let’s explore how to prevent mold on shower curtain liner. Here are some tips to help you to have your bathrooms mold-free.

Tips on How to Prevent Mold On Shower Curtain Liner

1. Choose the Right Size

If you are designing your bathroom, make sure to design your bath keeping in mind the standard size of the shower curtains and other fixtures. The standard size for the shower curtain is about 70-72 inches.

However, many of us might not have the opportunity to design the bathroom, especially if we are renting the apartment, or purchasing pre-furnished apartment. Then choose the curtain size that fits perfectly in your bathroom. Remember, you need not to use the whole of the curtain that you buy at your local store.

Put your scissors to work and have a perfectly sized shower curtain for you. The same goes for the number of rings that needs to be used. More the folds for your curtain, the chances of the mold to grow are higher.

How to Prevent Mold on Shower Curtain Liner Washer

2. Do Not Let the Curtain Touch the Floor

Make sure you adjust the height, just enough to cover the sides of the tub and do not let any part of the curtain touch the floor. Ensure that the placement of the curtain rod is such that the curtain is not touching the tub, and neither is it too far from it.

If not adequately placed the curtain might remain stuck to the wet tub, and maybe a perfect ground for mold growth. If not paid attention to, the mold could also spread to other areas in your bathroom and thus making it an unbearable eyesore.

3. Use Fabric/Cloth Based Liners Instead of Plastic Liners

Fabric/Cloth based liners are better than the plastic ones as you are able to wash them regularly, may be once in three weeks. Use a mild detergent and wash as usual. Do check the washing instructions given by the manufacturer as some fabrics are sensitive to temperature and detergents/bleaches used.

Keeping the shower curtains clean reduces its chances of developing mold. Plastic liners particularly do not respond well to washing and may result in a crumbly eyesore. Being an eco-friendly option, you could explore this option. Though they are expensive, these fabric/cloth-based liners last longer and also remain cleaner than the plastic liners.

4. Run the Exhaust Fan

The bathroom is cold when you step into it. As soon as you start enjoying a hot steam bath, the walls, curtains and especially the mirror attract all the steam to itself. This can be seen more specifically in winters.

With the steam settling on the folds of the curtain and the other places, it can become the breeding ground for mold. The steam vapor can settle in places that can even be inaccessible for you to clean. Run that Bathroom exhaust fan when you treat yourself with the hot steam bath. This will pull out the vapor built from the bathroom quickly, thus reducing the chances of mold growth.

5. Keep Your Bathroom Dry

Humidity is a major cause for molds to develop. When exiting your bath, make sure you mop/swop the area dry. There are many products you could find in your local superstore that can help you with this cleaning. Check underneath your non-slip bath mats for any residual water. Any spillage or overflow from the sides of the tub should be checked.

Any water that remains, may evaporate and be absorbed by the surfaces of the bathroom, especially the shower curtains. Open the curtains to its full length after your bath to ensure that it dries properly. If they remain folded, it may be difficult for them to dry adequately.

6. Good Plumbing

Make sure your bathroom doesn’t have leaky taps/showers. The dripping can cause mild splashing on the bathroom curtains and walls, which over time will accumulate, and thus remain wet all the time. A perfect recipe for molds to grow.

Contact your local plumber/handyman and get that fixed for good. Remember the key to ensuring that the mold never develops, or returns is to keep the bathroom dry after use and by regularly treating and cleaning it. It is important to ensure that there is no place in your bathroom that can be a potential breeding ground for mold.

7. Spraying White Distilled Vinegar or The Combination of Baking Soda With Vinegar

Spraying White Distilled Vinegar diluted with water using a spray jar, can inhibit and clean the growth of the mold. Wait for 15-20 minutes after application and then wipe with a dry cloth. The acidic nature of vinegar helps in loosening any dirt from the surface and thus leaving no ground for the mold to develop. You can also use water to rinse the area of application.

Another natural way of ensuring to keep your shower curtains and your bathroom are mold free is to regularly clean it with baking soda mixed with Vinegar. You can use this, on stubborn stains and mold formations that are difficult to clean.

8. Cleaning with Tea Tree Oil or Citrus Seed Extract

Tea tree oil, though expensive can also be used in similar fashion. It will also leave a soothing aroma, that will leave your bathroom smelling fresh and clean. This is a natural and mildest yet an effective way to clean your bathroom.

Using Citrus seed extract to clean the affected area can be beneficial. You will get a nice clean and citrus-filled aromatic bathroom after this treatment. The acidic nature of the citrus helps in effectively cleaning the residual dirt that may have developed on the wet surfaces, thus eliminating the possibilities for the mold to grow.


A hygienic bathroom will help you and your family relax and keep the diseases away. Remember to keep your bathroom dry after use and clean it regularly.  So, you no longer worry about the seeing the disgusting sight of the mold in the folds of your bathroom curtains, if you use these tips to prevent the mold growing in your bathroom and on your shower curtain liner.

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