How to Put a Shower Curtain on a Clawfoot Tub

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May 06

How To Put A Shower Curtain On A Clawfoot Tub: Guide For A Stylish And Functional Solution

If you are looking for how to put a shower curtain on a clawfoot tub, there are several things you should know. You can save money by installing your own shower curtain and it’s easier than you think, especially if you are learning at the same time.

how to put a shower curtain on a clawfoot tub

Be sure to remove the towel rings. You can do this by unscrewing the bolts holding the tub to the walls and removing the tub, and the towel rings. The reason they need to be removed is so you can lay out your cloths and know exactly where to place them.

Measure carefully for the curtain rod. I always use a tape measure when measuring anything. Once you have the curtain rod measurement, take your cloths and lay them out so you know how wide each one will be. Place two inches between the cloths, and install the rods for the width you have chosen.

Install the curtain and lay it out on the tub. Make sure that the cloths are laying directly on the rod. The rod is what pulls the curtain over the sides of the tub. So make sure the rod is centered on the wall.

Position the rod so that the cloths are hanging off of the rod. Do not use anything other than the curtain. No weights to make the curtain hang off the rod.

Now you are ready to install the curtain. Using one hand, hold the curtain with the other hand and pull the curtain over the sides of the tub. Make sure that the cloths are in contact with the rod when you pull them over the sides of the tub. You can leave a little bit of a gap between the curtain and the rod. This will allow air to get through.

Hold the rod in place while you install the curtain. With the help of another hand, push the curtain onto the rod and secure it with the screws. Be sure to keep an eye on the curtain as you push it over the sides of the tub.

Turn the tub over and re-install the rod. You will now have a curtain that hangs properly over the sides of the tub. That is how to put a shower curtain on a clawfoot tub.

If you still need help, the best thing to do is call someone who knows how to install a curtain. Or, look online for professional installers. You can save yourself a lot of money and make the most out of your newly installed shower curtain.

Also, be sure to use a professional when you are installing a shower curtain. This is because the store will most likely have someone who is trained and able to install the curtain correctly. It is very easy to learn how to install the curtain on your own, but it will never be done correctly.

These are the basics of how to put a shower curtain on a clawfoot tub. Follow these steps and you will be set for your next home remodeling project.

Installing a clawfoot tub can instantly elevate the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom, providing a unique shower experience and adding a touch of vintage charm. However, when it comes to incorporating a functional shower into a freestanding tub like this, the process can be a bit tricky. One essential element in this setup is a well-fitted shower curtain that not only enhances privacy but also keeps water from splashing outside the tub while you take a shower. With the right shower curtain liner and a few simple steps, you can easily prevent water from escaping and ensure a seamless shower experience. We will walk you through the process of hanging a shower curtain on a clawfoot tub, keeping in mind its size, the materials used, and the design of the tub to ensure a tight fit that holds the curtain in place.

Choose The Right Shower Curtain: Find A Curtain Specifically Designed For A Clawfoot Tub

To choose the right shower curtain for your clawfoot tub, you’ll want to find one that is specifically designed to fit this unique style of tub. Look for a curtain that is extra wide to effectively cover the entire tub and prevent water from splashing outside. Measure the length of your clawfoot tub, as some models can be 72 inches or longer. Opt for a curtain made of a durable material like PEVA, which is resistant to moisture and easy to clean. Consider using shower curtain clips or metal hooks to hold the curtain securely in place. Additionally, ensure the curtain has a hem that hangs tightly on the sides to prevent any drafts or water leakage.

Measure Your Tub: Determine The Ideal Length For Your Clawfoot Tub Shower Curtain

To determine the ideal length for your clawfoot tub shower curtain, start by measuring the length of the clawfoot tub itself. Using a tape measure, measure from the inside of one end of the tub to the inside of the other end. Take note of this measurement, which may be around 70 inches or longer. Keep in mind any additional space you need for the curtain to hang inside the tub and prevent water from escaping. Consider the size of your shower space and whether you want the curtain to reach from the floor to the ceiling or just below the showerhead. Subtract the distance from the ceiling to the top of the tub, and if needed, cut the curtain to fit using fabric liner made of 100% cotton or polyester, ensuring it remains extra wide and long.

Select A Shower Liner: Use A Liner To Keep The Shower Curtain Dry And Protected

When selecting a shower liner for your clawfoot shower tub, choose one that is made of PEVA material. This type of liner is resistant to water and helps prevent the curtain from getting wet or damaged. Ensure the liner is the appropriate size for your shower space, typically around 70 inches wide and 180 inches long. By using a liner, you can keep your shower curtain dry and protected while adding a layer of durability to your clawfoot tub setup.

Install The Curtain Hooks: Attach The Shower Curtain Hooks To The Curtain Grommets

To install the curtain hooks for your shower curtain, begin by purchasing a set of hooks that are compatible with your curtain and grommets. Slide one hook through each grommet along the top edge of the curtain. Ensure that the hooks are securely attached to the grommets to prevent the curtain from slipping or falling. Once all the hooks are in place, hang the curtain on the circular curtain rod or ceiling-mounted rod, depending on your setup. Adjust the hooks as needed to hold the curtain firmly in place and keep it from blowing away while you enjoy your shower.

Position The Curtain: Hang The Shower Curtain On The Curtain Rod Ensuring Proper Coverage

To position the shower curtain, hang it on the curtain rod ensuring proper coverage. Make sure the curtain extends around the tub to prevent water from splashing out. Adjust the curtain to hang from the ceiling to the floor or to the desired height, depending on your shower space. Ensure the curtain is securely held in place on the rod to prevent it from falling or blowing away. This will create a functional barrier and maintain privacy during your shower.

Prevent Curtain From Sticking: Use Magnets Or Weights To Keep The Curtain From Clinging To You

To prevent the shower curtain from sticking to you while showering, consider using magnets or weights. Attach small magnets or weights to the bottom hem of the curtain to keep it in place and prevent it from clinging to your body. This will allow for a more comfortable and enjoyable showering experience, ensuring that the curtain stays where it should while you move around. These simple additions can help maintain privacy and prevent any unwanted contact with the curtain during your shower.

Wrap Around The Tub: Create A Wrap-Around Effect By Extending The Curtain To The Sides

To create a wrap-around effect with your shower curtain, extend it to the sides of the tub. This involves ensuring that the curtain covers the entire length of the tub and wraps around to the side walls. By doing so, you can effectively prevent water from splashing out and maintain a drier bathroom floor. This wrap-around effect adds both functionality and style to your clawfoot tub shower setup, providing a seamless and enclosed bathing experience.

Enjoy Your Clawfoot Tub Shower: Functional And Aesthetic Benefits Of Your Clawfoot Tub Shower Curtain Solution

With the addition of a well-fitted shower curtain to your clawfoot tub, you can enjoy a range of functional and aesthetic benefits. The curtain helps to contain water inside the tub, preventing it from splashing onto the floor. It holds in place securely, ensuring privacy while you shower. The curtain’s design and material, such as 100% cotton or polyester, adds to the overall aesthetic appeal of your clawfoot tub shower setup. Whether your tub is cast iron or freestanding, the right curtain solution, cut to fit and held by a rod, provides a seamless and enjoyable bathing experience.


In the end, It is concluded that properly installing a shower curtain on your clawfoot tub is essential for a functional and stylish bathing experience. By considering the size of your shower space and buying the right curtain, you can prevent water from splashing around the tub and keep the curtain securely in place. The liner and curtain combination adds an extra layer of protection, ensuring privacy and preventing the curtain from being blown away. Whether your clawfoot tub is oval or rectangular, the curtain can be cut to fit, and with a ceiling-mounted rod, it will hold tightly. With these steps, you can enjoy a seamless clawfoot tub shower, where water stays inside and your bathroom remains clean and dry.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you’ve still got questions about how to put a shower curtain on a clawfoot tub, then these may help:

Do You Put The Shower Curtain Inside A Clawfoot Tub?

To properly set up a clawfoot tub shower, you should position the shower curtain inside the tub. This helps to contain water within the tub area and prevent it from splashing outside. Purchase a shower curtain that fits the size of your tub, typically around 180 x 70 inches. Ensure the curtain is blown towards the inside of the tub by the shower head to hold it in place. Adding a shower curtain liner will keep the curtain from getting wet while showering.

How Many Shower Curtains Do I Need For A Claw Foot Tub?

Typically, one shower curtain is sufficient for a clawfoot tub. You should buy a shower curtain that fits the size of your tub, usually around 108 inches. Position the curtain away from the side of the tub to prevent water from splashing out. If you have a shower glass or a hollow wall, you may need to install a ceiling-mounted rod.

How Do You Put A Shower In A Clawfoot Tub?

To install a shower in a clawfoot tub, you’ll need a few steps. First, purchase a clawfoot tub shower conversion kit. Attach the shower head to the faucet, ensuring a secure connection. Install a shower curtain rod around the tub and hang a shower curtain to prevent water from splashing. Consider adding a handheld showerhead for added convenience.

How Do I Stop My Shower Curtain From Blowing In Claw Foot Tub?

To prevent your shower curtain from blowing in a clawfoot tub, you can try a few methods. Attach magnetic shower curtain weights or adhesive curtain clips to the bottom of the curtain to hold it in place. Another option is to use a curved shower rod, which provides more space and helps keep the curtain away from the tub. Using a heavier or thicker curtain material can reduce the blowing effect.

What Is The Best Type Of Shower Curtain For Your Clawfoot Tub?

You can choose between PEVA or polyester shower curtains. Both are waterproof and easy to clean. Just make sure that the shower curtain has the appropriate size for your clawfoot tub.

Can I Use A Standard Shower Curtain Rod For A Clawfoot Bathtub?

A standard shower curtain rod is not suitable for a clawfoot bathtub. Clawfoot tubs require specialized curtain rods that are designed to fit around the tub’s shape. These rods typically have a curved or circular design to accommodate the unique structure of a clawfoot tub.

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