How to Put a Shower Curtain on a Clawfoot Tub

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If you are looking for how to put a shower curtain on a clawfoot tub, there are several things you should know. You can save money by installing your own shower curtain and it’s easier than you think, especially if you are learning at the same time.

how to put a shower curtain on a clawfoot tub

Be sure to remove the towel rings. You can do this by unscrewing the bolts holding the tub to the walls and removing the tub, and the towel rings. The reason they need to be removed is so you can lay out your cloths and know exactly where to place them.

Measure carefully for the curtain rod. I always use a tape measure when measuring anything. Once you have the curtain rod measurement, take your cloths and lay them out so you know how wide each one will be. Place two inches between the cloths, and install the rods for the width you have chosen.

Install the curtain and lay it out on the tub. Make sure that the cloths are laying directly on the rod. The rod is what pulls the curtain over the sides of the tub. So make sure the rod is centered on the wall.

Position the rod so that the cloths are hanging off of the rod. Do not use anything other than the curtain. No weights to make the curtain hang off the rod.

Now you are ready to install the curtain. Using one hand, hold the curtain with the other hand and pull the curtain over the sides of the tub. Make sure that the cloths are in contact with the rod when you pull them over the sides of the tub. You can leave a little bit of a gap between the curtain and the rod. This will allow air to get through.

Hold the rod in place while you install the curtain. With the help of another hand, push the curtain onto the rod and secure it with the screws. Be sure to keep an eye on the curtain as you push it over the sides of the tub.

Turn the tub over and re-install the rod. You will now have a curtain that hangs properly over the sides of the tub. That is how to put a shower curtain on a clawfoot tub.

If you still need help, the best thing to do is call someone who knows how to install a curtain. Or, look online for professional installers. You can save yourself a lot of money and make the most out of your newly installed shower curtain.

Also, be sure to use a professional when you are installing a shower curtain. This is because the store will most likely have someone who is trained and able to install the curtain correctly. It is very easy to learn how to install the curtain on your own, but it will never be done correctly.

These are the basics of how to put a shower curtain on a clawfoot tub. Follow these steps and you will be set for your next home remodeling project.

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