How to Stop Shower Curtain From Blowing in

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Jun 06

How To Keep The Shower Curtain From Blowing In

How to stop shower curtain from blowing in is a very common problem for consumers. It can be embarrassing when you are not able to have a pleasant experience with the bathtub. When there is no door on the side of the tub and water seeps in, it can result in a miserable day.

how to stop shower curtain from blowing in

The problem might have started as a symptom of something else. A condition like an allergy that was triggered by dust or something similar might have caused the problem. If the problem is recurring, then it may be the case of an obstruction which needs to be dealt with.

There are ways in which you can determine how to stop shower curtain from blowing in. Some companies who are dealing with this kind of problem will try to solve the problem with a new one. While others would simply use a device that will help them locate the point of obstruction and correct it. Either way, you should be able to do something to stop it.

You can start by looking around your bathroom for signs of a problem before you start asking how to stop shower curtain from blowing in. When there is a clog on the tub drain pipe, it might require a different solution.

Instead of searching for how to stop shower curtain from blowing in, you can also search for a way to solve the problem. For example, you can apply liquid nitrogen to a small part of the obstruction. While the problem may need a different solution, this is an effective method for those who want to look for the problem first.

If the problem is a blown-out plastic curtain, you can use a low-temperature machine that will melt the plastic and remove it from the curtain. This is often a cheaper way to fix the problem than having to call a professional.

Some people might want to look into preventative measures that they can take. For example, if you can’t seem to control the problem, you can consider buying some open cell foam insulation to seal the areas where the curtain is blowing in. There are a lot of companies who sell the products.

These solutions can be used to save money on bills but can still provide a satisfying bath. Since the problem is not easy to fix, you might consider trying to find a cheaper solution first. You should be careful though since most of these solutions are costly.

To find out how to stop shower curtain from blowing in, you can take some steps to make the problem easier to solve. For example, you can spray the area where the problem is and make sure that there is a slight amount of moisture present. This will help it dry faster.

The problem with a shower curtain is that it can blow in even if there is a little bit of moisture present. Instead of calling a professional, you can try using a solution that you can easily obtain at home. This is a better solution since it is less expensive and does not require the use of a professional to fix.

If you still need to get professional help, there are a lot of solutions available for you to take. Most of them can be bought online and are usually much cheaper than getting a professional to do the work. This is a better alternative than spending a lot of money to fix the problem without any benefit.

To find out how to stop shower curtain from blowing in, you can consider seeking professional help. After you have investigated the problem, you can call the company to find out how they can best fix the problem.

Have you ever experienced the frustration of a shower curtain that constantly blows inward, sticking to your skin and making your showering experience less than enjoyable? We’ve all been there. The battle between the air outside the shower and the inside starts due to air presssure and shower curtain effect causes your shower curtain to billow, creating a nuisance every time you step into the tub. You can stop shower curtain blowing in with liners, magnets, or suction cups. These are simple and effective ways to keep your shower curtain from blowing in and sticking to you like an unwelcome guest. We’ll explore these various techniques and solutions further to ensure a pleasant and hassle-free showering experience. So, let’s dive in.

Why Does My Shower Curtain Blow In?

Before we discuss how to prevent your shower curtain from blowing in, it’s important to understand why it happens in the first place. There are several potential factors contributing to this occurrence.

Causes of Shower Curtain Blowing In

One common cause is air pressure. When you turn on the shower, the rushing air creates a low-pressure zone inside the shower, causing the higher-pressure air from outside to push the curtain inwards. Another cause could be the location of the shower head. If it is positioned in such a way that the water hits the curtain directly, the force can cause it to blow in. Additionally, the lack of a proper liner or inadequate curtain clips can also contribute to the curtain blowing in.

The Shower Curtain Effect

The occurrence of a shower curtain being pulled inwards is commonly known as the “shower curtain effect.” It is caused by the Bernoulli principle, which articulates that the pressure of a fluid decreases when its velocity rises. During a shower, the water emanating from the shower head accelerates the air inside the shower, leading to a decrease in pressure and enabling the higher-pressure air from outside to push the curtain towards the inside.

Methods To Keep Your Shower Curtain In Place

If you are fatigued from struggling with a shower curtain that consistently flutters and adheres to your person whilst attempting to cleanse yourself, there exist numerous efficacious techniques you can experiment with to ensure the curtain remains securely affixed.

Using a Shower Curtain Liner

One effective method to prevent your shower curtain from being disturbed by airflow is to utilize a shower curtain liner. This liner serves as an auxiliary material that can be affixed to the inner part of the curtain. It adds extra weight and functions as a stabilizer for the curtain, impeding it from being easily forced inward due to the pressure of air.

Adding Magnets to the Bottom of the Curtain

If your shower curtain doesn’t come with a built-in liner or if you want an added measure of security, you can try attaching magnets to the bottom of the curtain. Simply sew small magnets into the hem or use adhesive magnetic strips. These magnets will create a strong connection between the curtain and the tub, preventing it from blowing in and sticking to your body while you shower.

Using Suction Cups

An alternative solution is to use suction cups to hold the bottom of the curtain in place. These cups can be attached to the shower wall or bathtub, providing a secure anchor point for the curtain. Make sure to clean the surface before attaching the suction cups to ensure a strong grip. This method is particularly useful if you have a non-magnetic tub or if you prefer not to use magnets.

Alternative Solutions To Prevent Shower Curtain Blow-In

If the above methods don’t work for you or if you are looking for additional ways to keep your shower curtain in place, there are a few alternative solutions you can explore.

Using Binder Clips

Binder clips are small metal clips that can be used to hold multiple sheets of paper together. Surprisingly, they can also be used to hold the bottom of your shower curtain in place. Simply clip the binder clips along the hem of the curtain, creating extra weight and preventing the curtain from blowing inwards. This low-cost solution is easy to implement and doesn’t require any installation.

Tightening the Shower Rod

If your shower curtain rod is not securely tightened, it may be contributing to the curtain blowing in. Check the tension of the rod and make sure it is properly secured. Adjusting the tension can create a tighter fit and reduce the chances of the curtain being blown inward.

Installing a Curved Shower Rod

Another solution is to replace your straight shower rod with a curved one. Curved shower rods create more space inside the shower, allowing the curtain to hang further away from your body. The curvature also helps to redirect the airflow, reducing the chances of the curtain being blown inward.

What To Do When Your Shower Curtain Keeps Blowing In

Checking for Air Pressure Issues

If your shower curtain keeps blowing in despite your best efforts, it might be worth checking for any air pressure issues. Make sure there are no gaps or openings in the bathroom or shower area that may be causing excessive airflow. Sealing any gaps or adjusting ventilation can help to alleviate the problem.

Keeping the Shower Curtain Inside the Shower

An effective way to prevent the shower curtain from blowing inwards is to make sure it stays inside the shower area. This can be done by keeping the curtain fully spread out and strategically positioning it so that it touches the shower wall or liner. In doing so, the curtain will be less likely to blow inward and stick to your body.

Using Shower Curtain Weights

Shower curtain weights are small, weighted objects that can be attached to the bottom of the curtain. These weights help to anchor the curtain and prevent it from being easily blown inward. They can be purchased as standalone items or as part of a specially designed weighted curtain.


In the end, It is concluded that dealing with a shower curtain that blows inward and sticks to your body can be incredibly frustrating. However, there are various effective methods to keep your shower curtain from billowing and sticking. Using a shower curtain liner adds weight and stability, preventing it from being easily blown inward by air pressure. Attaching magnets to the bottom of the curtain or using suction cups provides a secure anchor point, keeping the curtain in place during your shower. Binder clips, tightening the shower rod, or installing a curved shower rod are alternative solutions to consider. By implementing these techniques, you can finally say goodbye to the annoyance of a shower curtain that constantly blows in and enjoy a more pleasant showering experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve still got questions about how to keep shower curtain from blowing in, then these may help:

How Do I Stop The Shower Curtain From Blowing In?

There are several ways to stop your shower curtain from blowing in. One option is to use a shower curtain liner, which is a plastic liner that you can place inside and outside of the shower curtain. The liner helps to weigh down the curtain and prevent it from blowing in. An alternative choice is to employ shower curtain clips, which can be fastened to the lower part of the shower curtain for the purpose of securing it.  You can also try using a heavier curtain or adding weights to the bottom portion of the shower curtain to prevent it from blowing in.

Can A New Shower Curtain Blow In While I’m Showering?

A new shower curtain can still blow in while you’re showering. To prevent this, you can try some of the methods mentioned earlier, such as using a shower curtain liner or adding weights to the bottom portion of the curtain.

Why Do Shower Curtains Stick To You?

Shower curtains tend to stick to you due to the phenomenon known as “shower curtain cling.” When you’re in the shower, the water spray creates air pressure inside the curtain, which runs perpendicular to the curtain. This pressure draws the shower curtain inward, causing it to blow and stick to your body. To prevent this, you can secure the curtain by wetting the bottom portion or placing weights on it. Using binder clips at home can also help hold the shower curtain in place and prevent it from attacking you while you’re taking a refreshing shower.

How Do You Use Shower Curtain Clips?

Shower curtain clips are practical accessories that help prevent the shower curtain from blowing inward and sticking to you during showers. By attaching them to the top of the shower, these clips secure the curtain parallel to the shower curtain, keeping it in place. With weights on the bottom, the curtain remains steady despite the shower stream.

Is There A Specific Way To Hold The Curtain To Prevent It From Blowing In?

There isn’t a specific way to hold the curtain that guarantees it won’t blow in, but you can try holding the bottom portion of the shower curtain when the water is hitting it directly. This can help to weigh it down and reduce its tendency to blow in.

What Can I Do To Stop The Shower Curtain From Clinging To My Body?

To prevent the shower curtain from clinging to your body, you can try using a shower liner in addition to your shower curtain. The liner will create a barrier between you and the curtain, reducing the likelihood of it clinging to your body.

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