How to Use Shower Curtain Rings

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There are many benefits to using shower curtain rings as well as shower curtain parts. If you want to reduce the amount of water that your showering partner spills, how do you install these rings without damaging the curtain?

how to use shower curtain rings

Installing rings for shower curtains is not at all an easy task. It is hard to get the ring in the corners of the shower and you have to use pliers to help you. First you have to remove the curtain from the mounting ring by pulling it straight up with your hands or a long metal rod.

You can get the corners out by removing small flat item of cloth and then pulling down on the curtain with your hands and rotating it slowly to make sure you have removed the piece that holds the corner down. Then remove the corner ring, but remember, keep the corner pieces together so that you can reuse them if you need to install them again.

How to use shower curtain rings comes into play when you have rinsed clean tile and grout to use. Then take the ring with the rubber ring inside and insert it into the corners where it attaches to the framing stud. Be sure the plastic piece is facing out and is at an angle of forty-five degrees to get a snug fit.

You will need to tap the gasket material against the framing stud a few times to make sure it is secure. Then be sure that you clean off the ring that is inside the ring by using rubbing alcohol or bleach and cleaning away the dirty liquid. Now, the corners of the ring need to be pushed together.

You will need to turn the ring with the rubber ring inside over and push the piece that has the corner pieces together to make sure that it is tightened around the wall studs. Then you should secure thering with the rubber ring on the inside. Then you can turn the ring and attach the small piece that has the shower mesh piece and the shower curtain rod inside of it.

After you have this installed you will need to make sure the installation process is very smooth. The first thing you will need to do is remove the ring and the rinsed tile to allow for proper drying of the tiles and grout.

Clean the shower curtain again with soap and water and then wipe away any dust and debris that may be present. You will now use the shower curtain cleaner to remove any residue and stains from the grout.

In order to make sure the installation process is smooth and effortless, you will need to add a decorative trimming. This will serve as a guide and will make sure the rings slide smoothly into place. Be sure to install the rings onto the trimming in a straight line so that they do not get caught on the other pieces of trimming.

You can then attach the curtain rings to the curtain after you have put the trimming on and tightened them in place. Then you will need to re-install the surround.

The final step is to hook the curtain rings onto the surround using a permanent adhesive. Once this is done you will need to install the shower curtain hardware.

The method of installing shower curtain rings may seem complex, but it is actually not difficult to do. In fact, it only takes about five minutes to do this part of the process.

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