How to Wash a Plastic Shower Curtain in the Washing Machine

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This is an interesting question and many people have been wondering the same thing. The answer to this question is yes, you can wash a plastic shower curtain in the washer. It is an odd question to ask but it has one very important answer.

The problem you run into if you have a large family or you are at home a lot when you have a shower curtain that has mold growing on it is that you can’t take it in to the store and get it washed. Many of the stores will not let you take your shower curtain in to them because of the health risks that would be involved. For example, you may accidentally take the mold spores in and then when you come home to your own home and you shower in your own shower you may get sick.

The answer to the question above is, you can wash a plastic shower curtain in the washer. Here is how to do it.

First you need to find the outside part of the shower curtain. Simply take the shower curtain out of the box and pull the tape around the molding to hold it in place. This is the part that actually keeps the mold from growing.

Now take a brush away the moldy area. This should help get rid of the mold in a few quick minutes.

To wash a plastic shower curtain in the washer, you need to take the shower curtain to the laundry room. You should take it all the way down to the bottom of the canister so that the fabric of the shower curtain is completely soaked in the detergent. Use the sprayer on the water and let it run until the fabric is totally soaked.

After doing this you can now use a dryer to dry the fabric so that it will no longer absorb the moisture. The wet fabric can also help the mold grow better because the fabric absorbs moisture from the air.

Now simply put the fabric into the washer on the low setting and then run it through the washing machine. Do not let it dry on the top.

When it dries it will absorb the water and moisture and it will then begin to dry the mold off. This can be done about two times a year.

One other thing to note about washing a plastic shower curtain in the washer is that the mold will only go away if you do not use chlorine bleach. If you use chlorine bleach you can get a problem called chloramine.

Using bleach is generally okay but if you are worried about any of your loved ones possibly being in contact with it when it is in the shower curtain then using it to wash a plastic shower curtain in the washer is not recommended. If it does get into the eye it can cause serious health issues.

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