How to Wash Shower Curtain in Machine

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Apr 03

If you’re pondering about the best way to machine wash your shower curtain, this piece provides the guidance you need. Follow these recommendations for assistance.

how to wash shower curtain in machine

Before you even consider cleaning your shower curtain in a machine, it is a good idea to have an inspection done by a professional. Any damage from steam, water, or contact with fabric should be seen before the curtain is covered with a new coating. You may be surprised at the number of areas that can be damaging your curtain and new coating could help your curtain last for many years longer.

It is important to rule out any damage early because you don’t want to be shocked when the problem is detected later. The type of damage to avoid includes water and fabric damage that comes from leaks.

There is a relatively easy way to check for damage to your curtain. Make sure to dry up your curtain well after using the steam or shampoo to remove the dirt and debris.

After cleaning your curtain it is a good idea to keep it clean. To make this easier, use a gentle detergent for the recommended amount of time.

When cleaning your curtain you should not use harsh products like dish soap or bleach. Once your shower curtain is cleaned, it is a good idea to remove any residue from the solution.

Take the curtains off of the tub and hang them on a line as you towel dry the area. You can use a clean soft towel to dab the area and then it is a good idea to soak the area in warm water to remove the moisture.

When considering how to wash showercurtain in machine, it is a good idea to start with the edges first. These are the most likely areas to snag clothing or towels and cause damage. Use a soft brush or sponge to clean any remaining debris and do a few light swirls as you remove the excess water.

As the shower is used, it should become a bit more dull in appearance and be replaced with a bit of a bright white or durable streak resistant material. The extra care you take with the curtains will help it last longer and require less maintenance to keep the look new.

The best cleaner for your curtains is one made for both fabric or material curtains that using different detergents to remove stains and remove marks. You should avoid using bleach as this can cause an irritation to the skin.

The good thing about the cleaning process is that you will find that it is a lot less messy than traditional steam or shampoo bath. The only time that you will feel the full brunt of the process is if you use a strong detergent and/or fabric bleaches.

There are many different detergents that are used to clean your curtains, but the best cleaners for your home are ones that can help eliminate stains, get rid of stains, remove marks, and disinfect any bacteria. Using these products to clean your curtains each and every time they are cleaned is a good idea and will prevent mildew from growing.

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