How Wide Is a Shower Curtain?

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Apr 02

how wide is a shower curtain

How Wide Is a Shower Curtain?

Should you catch yourself wondering, “How wide is a shower curtain?”, the answer isn’t exactly broad. Actually, the focus isn’t on the curtain per se, but on the distance separating the panels.

The width of a shower curtain depends on the thickness of the panels. A traditional shower curtain would usually be composed of a sheet of fabric that is a little thicker than the panels. That gives the illusion of a larger space when it rains or snows.

These days, newer curtains are often made from a material called “trimmings”. Trimming and cleaning are far easier with these kinds of curtains because the trimmings are completely separate from the actual panels.

Some trimmings are even detachable so that you can use one for your entire house and use the other for additional activities. In most cases, a curtain of this type is even more expensive than a full-sized curtain.

You should remember that a wider curtain would make your room look larger. If you have a large bath or shower area, you want to choose a curtain that is relatively short. You’ll be able to take up more floor space, but at the same time, you’ll be able to cover less area with the same amount of material.

As far as the length of the shower curtain, that depends upon the size of the opening. If you’re installing a large shower enclosure, choose a curtain that is at least double the size of the room. For smaller rooms, choose a curtain that is only a little larger than the width of the door.

When the panels are too thick to completely cover the opening, you’ll find that a very wide shower curtain is usually required. This will help maximize the shower space without any extra materials being used.

Wider openings are preferred because they can provide enough room for extra accessories such as towels and a bath mat. They also give more privacy, which can be a luxury for some.

You don’t have to use the entire space on either side of wide open doors. Take away some panels, and it will look like your door hasn’t been opened at all.

Another benefit of a wide shower curtain is that you can install a shower enclosure on the top or the bottom of the opening. This is handy if you plan to take a shower in the day and walk out to your patio furniture, which can be uncomfortable if the shower is located too close to your body.

The more panels, the more doors it takes up. And when you use a curtain of this type, you really don’t have to worry about the entry of water into your bathroom.

When you consider all of the advantages of a curtain that is large enough to cover the entrance, the extra space it provides you, and the privacy it offers, it’s no wonder so many people are choosing to use this kind of shower curtain. It is truly a great option.

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