Is Peva Shower Curtains Safe to Use?

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are peva shower curtains safe

Is Peva Shower Curtains Safe to Use?

In the past, most of the manufacturers have claimed that their peva shower curtains are safe to use. They claim that their products are 100% hypoallergenic and come with a lifetime guarantee.

Unfortunately, not everyone purchases these products. Some people purchase them thinking that they will be safe and then find out the hard way that they were wrong. These people end up with a stained, torn curtain in a matter of days.

So, what is it that makes peva shower curtains different from any other brand? Is it that they are hypoallergenic? What are the other reasons why people may choose a hypoallergenic brand of curtains?

First of all, a good percentage of the peva shower curtains made in China are not made with 100% hypoallergenic materials. The reason why the curtain can have a “dye sublimation reaction” is because there is no dye used to cover the hair fibers on the fabric.

Because of this, people who are allergic to dyes may find that they become very irritated and experience a rash when they wear the peva shower curtains. Even after they wash the curtain, the color will not come off as easily as it would on a carpet.

Second, most of the peva shower curtains come in very lightweight material. Since it is very light, this means that the company cannot keep the product in a lower temperature environment and also because the color is not as resistant to fading.

Since most people want to remove the dyes, it may take several washes and scrubbing to get the curtain to come off. Since there is not a large amount of fabric, there may still be a stain left behind.

It may be a great deal cheaper to purchase a pre-treated curtain than it is to purchase peva shower curtains that have a dye sublimation reaction. With a colored curtain, the homeowner will have more money in their pocket to spend on other things like curtains and other colors for the shower.

The final reason why people who buy peva shower curtains make the wrong choice is that the curtains are not covered by a lifetime guarantee. There are some peva shower curtains that are covered for a certain period of time, but there are not all of them.

As soon as the period expires, the curtain will show the dyes that were used on it. Although the company may state that the curtains are hypoallergenic, the consumer may not be able to get their money back.

If you are interested in purchasing a peva shower curtains, then you should take a look at a product that is covered for life. With this type of guarantee, you will not have to worry about having to pay for something that is in bad condition.

Although the peva shower curtains are hypoallergenic, they can still come apart if they are in direct sunlight or if they are used for extended periods of time. For this reason, it is important to purchase a product that has a lifetime guarantee.

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