Is Plastic Shower Curtains Machine Washable?

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Apr 03

are plastic shower curtains machine washable

Is Plastic Shower Curtains Machine Washable?

Is it possible to machine wash plastic shower curtains? Anyone who has tried to extract these shower curtains from a washing machine knows all too well the troublesome task it becomes. Handling them can be quite a bother.

Now if you think about it, you could wash all the clothes and all your curtains would still be not washable. The reason is that the fabrics tend to dry out before the items which is why when you place a shower curtain up in the bath, the water leaves a big amount of soap residue on the curtain which will make it difficult to remove later.

By putting the shower curtains in the washing machine, you can make them very washable. You will find there are no residues left behind which makes them very convenient to take out of the wash.

It is also important to check the cord which is used for the curtain. If the cord is frayed, chances are it will not come out easily.

Because of the long life of the fabric, the old shower curtains can be very easily cleaned with a damp cloth or some sort of cleaner. When you buy this kind of fabric, you should be aware that these kinds of curtains will shrink in the wash and you will need to put a bit of care on when you take them out of the dryer or water reservoir.

By taking the curtain out of the dryer, it is time to test if it is able to fit into the drain properly. It is not advisable to take it out of the bath and then put it back in.

Take the shower curtains out of the hot water and set it aside for a while. Then you should simply bend it down to be able to pour the water out.

There are a few tips that you should follow to ensure that your plastic shower curtains are machine washable. First off, use a soft cloth for removing the chemical build up from the fabric.

The chemical build-up can be removed easily by using a damp cloth. Do not just stick it into the dryer.

Second, if you want to wash the fabric to be machine washable, there are two methods. You can either use a lint-free detergent for the laundry cycle or you can use fabric softener on a delicate cycle.

One of the major reasons why people do not bother to get their washable shower curtains is because they do not have a washing machine. To avoid this, you can start by looking for washable shower curtains online.

In some cases, you may want to order online but be warned that the internet may not have everything available. In such a case, you can ask your local retailer to help you with the details of the washing machine and the fabric.

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