Learning How to Clean Vinyl Shower Curtain

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Apr 02

Understanding the process of cleaning a vinyl shower curtain is fairly straightforward. Numerous manufacturers of shower curtains offer free care instructions.

You can use a brush or towel to remove the dirt from the shower curtain, but it’s best to let the cleaner do the cleaning. The special cleaners and sprays will work better than an unclean towel or brush.

Any mild soap or detergent should be fine. If you have an allergy to soap, then look for something that’s vegetable-based. For stubborn stains, try rubbing a small amount of bleach on a cotton ball. Leave the cotton ball in the stain until it becomes light colored, then wipe it off. Keep repeating as necessary.

While we’re on the subject of cleaning, there’s also a problem with foam padding in shower stalls. Foam can become too thick, which makes it difficult to get under and up against.

If you have foam insulation, however, it may be possible to lift it by tearing out the seams. If this is impossible, it may be necessary to replace the entire area.

Be careful not to Nick any of the sensitive parts, though. Also be aware that this will expose the adhesive between the two sections to the elements and the bleach, so make sure the tank is properly sealed.

If you do happen to find tiny spots that need to be removed, apply a bit of hot water and mild soap and wipe the spot clean. Be careful not to scratch the vinyl; it can’t be washed again without damaging the next one.

Do remember, however, that some companies offer carpet shampoo for shower curtains. Even if you don’t want the extra chemicals, you might consider using the cleaner that comes in a spray bottle, as it won’t come into contact with the room’s carpeting.

After the shower, follow up with a piece of towel, letting it dry before putting on a fresh piece. This will help you keep those tough stains from appearing.

Never put dishwashing detergent on a vinyl shower curtain, as the plasticizer ingredient can actually weaken the material. Instead, use a mild shampoo to clean the next one and rinse it, too.

How to clean vinyl shower curtain is a matter of common sense and regular care. If you can follow these guidelines, you’ll have a nice looking shower for years to come.

Overall, cleaning a vinyl shower curtain is really easy. Just remember to follow the directions exactly and be careful not to damage the material you already have.

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