Plastic Shower Curtains Can Be Washed in the Washing Machine

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can plastic shower curtains be washed in the washing machine

Plastic Shower Curtains Can Be Washed in the Washing Machine

A lot of people are wondering about the answer to this question: Can plastic shower curtains be washed in the washing machine? We know that clothes that are washed in the washing machine don’t shrink, and we know that clothes shrink when they are placed in the dryer. Is it really possible for these items to shrink in the washing machine?

Actually, yes they can, and you should take care of them in the washing machine. Let’s talk about the actual process of how you should wash them to make sure you’re getting the right cleaning treatment. You have a few options, depending on how dirty they are, and how often you wash them.

First of all, if they are just sitting in the bathtub, make sure you get them out and empty them as quickly as possible. The bigger the item, the more time it will take to do that. There are special racks on washing machines that help with this, but these are not an option for your average home. If you have to stand by the washer waiting for your laundry load to be complete, you may as well throw the whole load in there and wait until it is completely dry.

Your regular detergent will work just fine for them. There are those that use special detergents for plastic, but your typical detergent works just fine. You don’t need to use any special “sensitive” cleaning chemicals, just plain old regular detergent. The kind that is specifically for plastics will need something else.

After you’ve finished washing them, dry them carefully before putting them in the dryer, and you should be good to go when it comes to washing your plastic shower curtains. They will still shrink when they are placed in the dryer, but not nearly as much as they would if you just let them sit in the bathroom tub. Plus, since your curtains are pretty light in weight, they won’t feel as heavy when they are drying.

You should let them dry completely before hanging them up, because even though your curtains might seem to be dry, they could still be slightly damp from the water that you were using to dry them. This is okay, because they were moist when you hung them up. Again, it is okay to use a slightly damp towel to hang them up.

In fact, if you didn’t do a very good job hanging them up, or if they aren’t the perfect size, you can take them out and fold them a little bit before hanging them up, so they will fit better. After that, it is probably a good idea to hang them on the hook or something similar. You can just hold the hook up and the curtain will hang right at the line of the hook.

If you are concerned about shrinking of the curtains, you can wash them the same way you would wash your regular clothes. That means you don’t have to iron them or wring them out. But, of course, you will need to be careful that you don’t put any kind of bleach on them.

Usually, you can clean a shower curtain with a dry towel, but there are those that come with cloths already attached to them. So, unless you buy one of those, you should have to get a clean towel. Use that to scrub them with, and do anything you can to get out the dirt and grime.

Once you have cleaned them and dried them, you can then rinse them off and put them back in the same way you got them. If they aren’t too dirty, you can put them in the washer and just tumble them under the water, just like you would any other type of fabric. This should be enough to clean them completely, so the next time you want to wash them, make sure you read the instructions before you begin.

We don’t recommend that you try to wash them in the washing machine, because they will shrink so much and come out looking dirty. before you finish putting them through the cycle. Use something like a dryer or wringer to ensure that your curtains come out looking like new.

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