How Shower Curtain Rod Height Can Affect Your Bathroom Life

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Shower Curtain Rod Height
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Every decent woman wants some privacy when having a bath. Well, let's not talk about the indecent ones now. Some private space for just a few minutes cannot do harm. If you are a stylish kind of lady, you would definitely want to have a shower curtain instead of a door in your bathroom. A good shower curtain supported at a good shower curtain rod height is the starter pack to great times. There are lots of shower curtain rods on the market. You need to identify the fake ones from those of good quality. This article can help you do so.

Why you should install a shower curtain

1. It is classy

Shower curtains are more fashionable and modern compared to the traditional shower doors. You can choose a curtain of your favorite color, make, material, and pattern. You can also blend this look with other bathroom accessories to make the overall look cozy and awesome.

2. It is easy to maintain

Shower curtains do not need much attention when it comes to cleaning. The process is quite easy. Depending on the manufacturer's instructions, you can hand-scrub it or clean it using a washing machine. This is to prevent molds from growing on the curtain and to remove any dirt and scum. One more advantage about a shower curtain is that you can have more than one. When you have visitors, you can use one just to make it look better.

Curved Shower Curtain Rod Installation Height

3. It ensures privacy

With visitors in the house, you might want to cover your bathroom area. Concealing your bathtub, toilet bowl, and toilet sink means your total privacy is taken care of. Here, you can comfortably take a shower, brush your teeth, and use the toilet without any worry.

4. It is cost effective

Compared to wooden, glass, or metallic bathroom doors, shower curtains are very economical. You can find them at your local store or on online stores. Don't you want to save some dollars? I bet you do. This is a good option for a short term plan.

5. You can easily change it

Everyone loves a new look. You can have a new look during Christmas, summer holidays, or at the beginning of a new year. Can you imagine changing your whole bathroom door? Not just changing the color by a little painting but installing a new one. This is too expensive to include in your budget. Changing a shower curtain is a walk in the park thing. You just need to order a new one from the store and replace it.

What is the standard shower curtain rod height?

You may be taller than your friend, or vice versa. This does not mean that her shower rod curtain will be 40 inches high. This can be ridiculous! A shower curtain rod should be fixed 75 to 77 inches from the ground. With a 72-inch high shower curtain, you should be smiling and dancing around. Nevertheless, you can have your shower curtain rod installed at your preferred height.

How does a good quality shower curtain rod look like?

1. It is strong

Different materials support different weights. There are rods made of wood, plastic, or metal. Some metals can be stronger than others. Imagine that moment when you are having a bath covered by your shower curtain with kids playing on the opposite side, only for your rod to come tumbling down because it is weak. This can be one of the most embarrassing moments of your life.

2. It has good friction

Friction between the shower curtain and the rod determines how well the rod will support the curtain. Find one with a nice and firm grip but easily movable.

3. It is adjustable

Depending on your bathroom space, you can adjust your shower curtain rod to fit where you want. It can be an L-shaped corner rod, D-shaped one, or curved. Buy longer rods and adjust them if you do not know the exact dimensions of your bathroom space.

Shower curtain rod height can make your bathroom look a yea or a nay. This height greatly determines the height of your shower curtain. You do not want a curtain that sweeps the floor as you bath. There should be a space between the bottom of the curtain and the floor. Else ways, the curtain should not be too short to expose your body while in the bathroom.

There are legit dealers that can design for you the best shower curtain rod height. Your body height can be one of the factors to put in mind. If you are a short lady, you do not want a curtain high enough to just cover air. The shorter the curtain, the less you will spend on it. Your height can give you an opportunity to save some coins.

Shower curtain can be bad too

This depends on how you want them to be. A clean curtain does not harm. You need to keep it clean. Assuming your shower curtain rod height is small; your curtain may touch the floor. This can create room for rapid growth of mold and bacteria. You should clean your curtain regularly and make sure it stays dry. A fast-drying material is the most suitable for a shower curtain. This way, the place will not be damp; hence, no molds will grow.

Young children can be allergic to some of the chemicals used to make the curtains. Adults are no exception. With a dumpy and scummy shower curtain, infections will be your daily visitors. Consequently, the hospital will be your second home. You should buy a curtain with less or no chemicals to avoid respiratory infections. You can also enhance ventilation in the bathroom area.


With other factors in place, the shower curtain rod height should be considered strictly. There are different heights that can be different from the standard one. If you are of average height, a standard height can be perfect for you. You need to take your time and put all factors in consideration before settling on which rod to buy. You can also choose a very nice curtain design for women. To learn more about different types of shower curtains available out there click here.

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