Which is better Shower Curtain vs Shower Door?

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Jul 01
Shower Curtain vs Shower Door

Which is better Shower Curtain vs Shower Door?

That’s the typical question we face when selecting and choosing the right décor for our bathroom. Below in our article we will discuss the Top reasons why most folks choose to go with a shower curtain vs shower door configuration for their bathroom.

Reason #1 - Safety

For me I don’t want my family members or guest to slip and slam into that glass, how many times have you walked out of the shower and accidently step into a puddle of water? Or maybe the floor mat was way across the bathroom and not even next to your bath tub!

Likewise, a shower curtain will be nice and soft if you accidentally fall back and bang your arms into it. Now imagine if you have guest over, if they hit that glass and the broken glass cuts them, you are looking at a potential nightmare with legal lawsuits!

Reason #2 – Easy to Clean

Shower Curtains are extremely easy to clean, I wrote an article about this topic in one of my blogs over here. There are many methods you can clean the shower curtain, my favorite is dumping that entire baby into the washing machine and hitting the spin cycle. Hell yeah! Nothing is better than an easily Done for You washing method for your shower curtain or shower liner. Now imagine after a long week at the office, not sure about you. I rather spend my precious time sitting infront of Netflix than to get on my hands and knees scrubbing all those crap and bacteria growing beneath the shower glass door, right? Don’t you agree with me on this?

Reason #3 – Easy to Change Shower Curtain Liners

Sometimes you want to spruce up your room a little more, and you want to change the décor a bit. As you can see here from our shower curtain reviews, you can easily select the right color to coordinate the bathroom décor. You like it ocean blue, lime green, or a hint of violet colors? You can always check the different types they offer here.  And if you don’t like the way it looks 4-6 months later down the line, you can always throw out the entire shower curtain and just buy a new one. As you can see there are many ways to change it out.

Reason #4 – Pricing

Shower curtains in general are priced way lower and much cheaper and more affordable than a shower door. If you were to do a cost comparison, you will definitely see its more cost effective to just start off with a shower curtain and if needed you can always upgrade and pay more for a shower door.

Reason #5 – Hiding Dirty Tub or Shower Stall

Sometimes when guests are over, it’s much easier to close the shower curtain and hide the dirty tub or stall. You know what I mean right? Weeks of not cleaning it and you see the orange scum and staining all over the tub. *Yuck*! who wants to see that right? So, a shower curtain will easily hide those unruly sights, where as a shower door will show it in plain sight.

Reason #6 – Easy to drape around the Bath Tub

Now depending on how the Bathtub is laid out in the bathroom, it’s much easier to just cover it with a shower curtain liner than to have an expensive molding around it, many luxury top high end homes will have a stand-alone luxury bath tub in the middle of their bathroom. Sometimes they want to add a shower curtain around it to give it some flexibility in their layout or design.

Reason #7 – Softens the senses around the Décor

Many times, the color coordination is important, and it adds a softness to how the entire room will look and make you feel, many times folks will use their bathroom as an oasis. You know, sitting on the throne check your emails, Facebook messages etc. So, it needs to be a place of de-stress from the clutter of life. Color coordination and room design places an important factor. Therefore, many top end designers use shower curtains along with top quality shower liners.

Reason #8 – Personal Privacy

Now I don’t know about you, but unless you are some hottie from Pornhub or something of a professional model like body.  The last thing you want is someone accidentally walking into that room and seeing your butt naked body, I mean imagine them seeing all those fat rolls or turkey flaps below your arm! Or that muffin top on your tummy. How embarrassing would that be?


As you can see from the many reasons above, the decision of selecting a shower curtain vs shower door comes down too many factors. But keep in mind that Safety, Budget, and Décor comes on top of many households today. Therefore, time again and again folks choose to go with a Shower Curtain. Ultimately, you must decide what’s right for you, and be sure to check out our other reviews on shower curtains here.

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