Black Mold on Shower Curtain

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Apr 02
Black Mold on Shower Curtain

Black Mold on Shower Curtain - Causes, Prevention, and Elimination

Have you ever noticed something black on your shower curtain? Does it look like spots of black scattered on it? If yes, then you definitely got a shower curtain mold! It’s dirty and gross, right? But you don’t have to worry. It may seem to be a big problem having them in your bathroom, but it is actually pretty simple to prevent and get rid of it.

This shower curtain mold is often referred to as black mold. These black molds on your shower curtain may give you a hard time but if you know the causes, prevention, and elimination of these bathroom molds, you’ll surely never experience having black mold on your shower curtain ever again. So, let’s find out more about this black mold and get to know how to prevent and get rid of it. Read on!

What is black mold?

Black mold is a mold stain that can grow anywhere, and it can be found anywhere in your house. It can appear as quick as overnight in an area where there is excessive moisture. This is the reason why it can be usually found on shower curtains in your bathroom.

Black mold is a microscopic fungus that greatly depends on the moisture in order to live. It is a type of fungus that likely develops in damp areas. It can be toxic and long-term exposure to these molds may sometimes cause harm to your health. Since it is very small, it can also contribute to making air filtration very difficult.

Black Mold on Shower Curtain Glass Door

What are the causes of black mold on the shower curtain?

Bathroom molds can be caused by many different factors. You may think that these molds come from very dirty areas, but the causes of these molds are quite simple and very existent in your homes. Here are the top causes of shower curtain molds.

● Excessive moisture

- Before a black mold can grow, it needs a large amount of moisture. Moisture is the number one cause of molds because moisture makes the molds grow and live. Since there is excessive moisture in the bathroom, black mold usually appears on shower curtains as a result. When an area has excessive moisture, there is a great possibility for mold formation.

● Humidity 

- Wet air also causes mold. Areas with high humidity are usually prone to forming mold because high humidity can feed molds. When there is high humidity, it also means that damped areas or materials in your house take a longer time to dry out. The more humid the area, the more likely it can promote the molds to grow because the humidity in the air can provide an ample amount of moisture for mold growth.

● Water leaks 

- Mold growth usually occurs in damp areas because of water leaks. Some water leaks may be left undone and may cause areas to be damped. When an area is damped, it promotes the formation of black mold because it is a fungus that is most likely to spread in damp areas. These damp areas then become areas for mold to develop.

How do you prevent black mold?

By knowing the causes of black mold, we can now move on to how you can prevent it. Since the number one cause of molds is moisture, we’ll be focusing on how to control moisture in your homes. Moisture control is the most essential factor to prevent black mold. So, how will you do it? Simply follow these tips on how to prevent black mold on shower curtain.

● Check where the damp areas are 

After doing so, make sure to dry them and always keep them away from getting wet. Keeping the areas dry is the key to prevent mold formation.

● Check areas with a water leak 

Repair leaks as soon as possible because having leaks is the main cause of having damp areas. Leaks can be very problematic when left undone so fix those water leaks as fast as possible.

● Check whether your shower area has proper ventilation 

Proper ventilation can prevent moisture in the area because it allows air to circulate. Air circulation is one factor that you must consider in your bathroom to prevent black mold on shower curtain.

● If you feel that your house is humid 

you can make use of dehumidifiers in order to reduce humidity and increase air flow. Dehumidifiers can help a lot in reducing humidity in your home especially if you are living in an area with a hot and humid climate.

● Regularly clean the area 

Cleaning the area regularly helps prevent molds to keep on growing. Always make sure that you clean your bathroom every after shower to prevent molds on developing.

How can you eliminate black mold on the shower curtain?

Removing black mold on your shower curtain might need hard work and effort but don’t fret because we are here to help you. Here are the steps you can follow in removing shower curtain molds.

1. Remove the shower curtain from the shower bar. Make sure you fold the moldy areas in order to prevent the molds from spreading inside your house.

2. Head outside and do your work there. Lay the shower curtain in an area where you can thoroughly clean it without having a hard time.

3. Spray a hydrogen peroxide and water solution onto the shower curtain and let it sit for ten minutes.

4. Rinse the shower curtain to drive out some of the mold buildups and mildew.

5. Make a mold-killing paste. You can use borax and water or baking soda and water.

6. Scrub the mold from the shower curtain using the mold-killing paste.

7. Rinse and do it again if necessary.


Having black mold on shower curtain might be a pain in the head but if you know its causes, you can easily take the steps on how to prevent and eliminate it. Are you now ready to battle these black molds? Just follow our tips and you surely won’t lose your fight against these shower curtain molds! We hope this article helped you know more about black mold, how to prevent it, and how to eliminate it. Black mold on shower curtain may seem difficult for you to solve but it can surely be simple if you know what to do. Grab your weapons now and let’s battle these black molds out! Also check our article on the "Best Fabric Shower Curtain Liners of 2019: Complete Reviews with Comparisons", for more shower curtain choices.

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