Understanding the Relationship Between Your Mattress and Your Health

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Jun 01
Understanding the Relationship Between Your Mattress and Your Health

It’s believed that if you can get three things right, your health will be in a very good shape. These three things are your sleep, diet and exercise.

While many people are aware of this, most of them don’t know that the quality of their sleep is heavily dependent on the quality of the mattress they sleep on.

And when they don’t get a good quality of sleep, it prevents them from exercising well which leads to a vicious cycle that eventually affects their overall health in an adverse way.

To prevent this from happening, we will try to explain the relationship between your mattress and health by walking you through the way in which the former affects the latter.


Getting a good night’s sleep on a mattress that offers enough comfort and support to your body can go a long way in helping reduce your stress levels.

A very old mattress, on the other hand, may not help much at all in reducing your stress, which would obviously also affect your overall health.

Higher Risk of Allergies

A poor, unclean mattress is often associated with a very high risk of allergies. This shouldn’t come off as a surprise as many old mattresses become home to millions of dust mites over time.

While period cleaning of your mattress may help control this issue to some extent, mattresses that get too old can be very hard to clean enough to not have to worry about these allergies.

So if that seems to be the case with you, it may be a good idea to consider replacing your mattress. Do not forget to buy a mattress protector along with a new mattress as it will help prolong the life of your mattress while protecting it better against the said dust mites.

Not All New Mattresses Are Created Equal

Just because we are walking you through some of the major issues associated with an old mattress, it doesn’t mean that simply buying any new mattress would do the trick.

This is because there are some types of new mattresses that aren’t good for your back either and may lead to issues like back pain. The ultra-plush mattress, for one, is particularly notorious for causing back pain issues and must be avoided like the plague if you have back pain issues already.

This is one of the reasons it’s always a good idea to test a mattress before buying it so that you can be sure of both the support and comfort it offers.

No Energy

Some of us do get that strange feeling where we feel drained and tired even after spending 8 hours or more sleeping on our mattress. This may very well be due to sleeping on a very old mattress that doesn’t offer the required level of comfort anymore.

Needless to say, replacing it may be a good idea before it leads to any major sleep issues.

Body Aches

It’s very common for old mattresses to undergo wear and tear which leads to things like lumps forming on them. These lumps might look harmless, but they can result in health issues like body aches over time.

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