What is Average Shower Curtain Size?

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The typical dimensions of the shower curtain is approximately 6 feet by ten feet, with most companies providing a minimum size of five feet. This article aims to help consumers determine what is average shower curtain size based on measurements of their own home.

what is average shower curtain size

In order to accurately determine what is average shower curtain size, it is essential to measure your shower from floor to ceiling and install the measurement on a straight edge to determine how long it is. After you have taken your measurements, take these measurements to a fabric store and purchase two pieces of double sided tape so that you can cut them.

These two pieces of tape should be far apart from each other and should be about four inches shorter than the largest of the shower screens you are considering purchasing. Take the two tape measures and measure from corner to corner from one corner to the other. Cut the two pieces of tape to the size of the corner to the corner measurement.

Now you can begin to measure the length of the curtain so that you have an idea of what the length of the curtain is. The way to determine this is to lay the tape across the width of the shower curtains for the front and back and count the number of steps that the tape will go across.

By adding the number of steps that the tape would make, you can calculate the length of the curtain. It is important to remember when measuring that there should not be any steps in the middle or bottom of the measurement as this will decrease the measurement of the shower curtain and will cause it to not fit properly in the shower.

Take your measurement of the length of the curtain and continue to add four inches to each measurement. You should find out what the final measurement of the curtain is.

Next you need to measure the width of the curtain. Keep in mind that the top and bottom of the curtain should not be the same size and you may want to take a step ladder to stand on the edges and measure the width to find out how wide you are able to get the curtain.

If you need to cut a piece of the curtain to make it fit, you can use an exacto knife. However, the fact that the measurements are far apart will cause the curtain to be uncomfortable when it is pulled up close to the head.

Another thing that is important to remember when purchasing a curtain is to buy it from a supplier that will allow you to return the product. If the price is less than half the original price then it will be more expensive to have it repaired or replace.

A quick look at what is average shower curtain size will show that the bigger the curtain, the more money you will be able to save. In addition, if you can place two different colors of the same curtain in the shower, the cost will be more because you are having a custom made color.

To find out what is average shower curtain size you need to measure the length and width of the shower first, which is the easiest way to figure out the amount of money you will be able to save. You also need to know what the maximum size of the curtain is and what the minimum size is in order to buy one of these items.

The only thing that you should keep in mind when determining what is average shower curtain size is to ensure that the measurements are accurate. It is also important to ensure that the curtains are one hundred percent waterproof.

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