What Is Standard Size For Shower Curtain?

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Jun 02

Often, we come across questions regarding the standard measurements of a shower curtain. I think it’s a legitimate inquiry because it’s crucial to know that we have various sizes at our disposal when looking for new curtains. Understanding the typical dimensions of a shower curtain is smart before hastily buying the first one that attracts your attention.

what is standard size for shower curtain

I think that the curtain should be long enough to cover your entire door, but not so long that it covers the top of the head of your spouse when he or she steps in to shower. Also, look at the curtain on the screen door and measure it for you too. If you have two doors, you will need to use two shower curtains. You should get them for your doors on either side of the bathroom door.

Also make sure they fit your curtain rod. It should fit snugly around the rod so the curtain does not come out of the curtain rod area. This is very important to do and if you do not do it, you will find that you can’t close the curtain!

The curtain must be one solid color, and there must be a seam from the waist of the curtain to the top of the curtain rod. If there is a seam, you must buy two separate curtains that can be used separately, if you purchase a curtain that does not have a seam, you will have to return it and buy two separate curtains.

When you are choosing your curtain, think about the amount of light you want to come into the room. If you have a lot of sunlight, you will want to have a curtain that is made for sunlight. If you have less sun, you may want to go with a darker curtain.

You can get a nice lightweight curtain or you can get one that is made to withstand all kinds of bad weather. Just remember that the lighter the fabric, the more material that it will weigh, and this is something you don’t want.

Have a seat and get ready to shop around before you buy the curtain. Look at them online, at local stores and maybe even check out discount stores at your store. Make sure the store is large enough that you will be able to walk around and look at different things.

When you do get your curtain, try to get one that looks a lot like the other curtains in the room. This is the easiest way to get exactly what you want.

The size of the curtain you choose for your bathroom should be right for the type of curtain rod you have. If you have a rod that comes up to your neck, you will want to get a larger curtain than if you have a rod that hangs down to your ankles. There is nothing worse than buying a curtain that is too small and finding it covers the door frame.

You should also make sure the curtain has handles on it. These are extremely handy and you will want to be able to open and close the curtain easily. It should also be easy to put up and take down.

Curtains are not only used for blocking the sunlight, but you can use them for covering the walls as well. This is another reason why you need to be able to see over the curtain.

Curtains are available at every store, but you can go online and find some great deals on really nice ones. Keep in mind that it is wise to buy at a discount store when you are shopping for curtains, because you might find a good deal in a store, but it is not available in their inventory.

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